UniGrip Pro – Universal Smartphone Mounting Gear

I've seen, tried and reviewed many universal mounting gears for smartphone over the years. They all share similar features among them, e.g. support for a wide range smartphone brands and models of various sizes; one or more standard 1/4" 20 thread to mount various photographic tripod, stabilisation, cradle and other accessories. But so far UniGrip [...]

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How to Easily Record iOS Screen on your Mac or PC

    Whether you are trying to build a YouTube empire recording how-to videos or you just want to make some fun videos to share with friends, knowing how to record your iOS screen is a skill you need. Luckily, it is not very difficult as there are some great software options you can use [...]

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The iPhone 4 Camera: Innovation, Upon Innovation

​The iPhone 4 Camera: Innovation, Upon Innovation You know the name. Apple is an unavoidable company. It doesn’t matter if you’re rabidly loyal to their innovative products or prefer Android, you’ve certainly at least seen their unique marketing campaigns. Their inventiveness in pushing new technological boundaries alongside their fun approach to marketing has made them [...]

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The iPhone 5 Camera: The Consumer’s Camera

The iPhone 5 Camera: The Consumer’s Camera Image via pexels If you’re good at making something, why stop? Apple Inc. made incredible strides with the release of the iPhone 4, and subsequently, its upgrade – the iPhone 4s. Their track record in the smartphone biz had been lagging before 4 series release, but its innovation, [...]

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Snapseed App Review for Photographers

Nik Software, the manufacturer of Snapseed has been creating a number of awesome plugins and software for photographers since the 90’s. Snapseed stands as the most famous image editing app by Nik Software and was taken in by Google in 2012 for mobile image editing purposes. Read on to know more from this snapseed review. [...]

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Best Red Eye Remover App

Best Red Eye Remover App  Red eyes in pictures, known as the “red-eye effect,” happens when a camera takes a picture with flash, either at night or in dim lighting. Good news: this effect is not actually the devil coming out of your subject’s eyes. There’s a much more scientific reasoning behind this effect. The [...]

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The 5 Best Phone Camera Lens You Can Find In The Market

Although there are only a select few amounts of people who own a professional, high-quality camera, it seems like almost everyone had a smartphone that can take pretty decent pictures. These days, everything is visual. From social media to self-promotion and marketing, a decent photo goes a long way. If you’re looking to up your [...]

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Best Tempered Glass Screen Protector For Your Smartphones

Best Tempered Glass Screen Protector For Your SmartphonesUsually when you spend a small fortune on a smartphone, you want to make sure you protect your investment. You might buy a warranty, a protective case, and a screen protector.There is nothing worse than a cracked touch screen. Screens can be costly to replace, for some phones [...]

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13 Movies That Were Shot with an iPhone

There are more than 20 movies that were shot with an iphone? Let us first check out the top 13 Movies That Were Shot with an iPhone. One technique that many modern filmmakers are utilizing to help make the actors feel more comfortable on set is the use of portable smartphones for filming. Specifically Apple’s iPhone, [...]

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