There are more than 20 movies that were shot with an iphone? Let us first check out the top 13 Movies That Were Shot with an iPhone.

One technique that many modern filmmakers are utilizing to help make the actors feel more comfortable on set is the use of portable smartphones for filming. Specifically Apple’s iPhone, which features the capability of recording 4K video.

This is an unprecedented development in filmmaking. That not only allows the production team to minimize their budget, but also allows them to increase the naturalistic feel of the set.

In this article, we have compiled 13 movies that were shot on an iPhone. While not all of these are feature-length films. The ones that is short, with such  a high cinematic quality that we deemed them important enough to include.

13 Movies That Were Shot with an iPhone

1. Unsane

The website Rotten Tomatoes described this film by the incomparable auteur Steven Soderbergh as a “high-tech” achievement, Unsane could actually be characterized as quite the opposite: a low-tech, experimental masterpiece that explores the concept of sanity in an insane modern world.

Shot only on the iPhone 7s, the production and outcome of this film inspired Soderbergh so much that he is already at work on his next iPhone-only work: a sports drama called High Flying Bird starring Kyle MacLachlan.

2. Snow Steam Iron

The short film Snow Steam Iron was written and directed by Zach Snyder, typically known for his action-packed dramas featuring superheroes, like Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Snyder managed to film this short over the course of a single weekend, which is impressive whether he used an iPhone or not.

3. Tangerine

Tangerine, the feature-length dramedy from writer-director Sean Baker, is notable not only for being one of the first films recorded only with an iPhone but for also featuring a transgender protagonist.

4. Searching For Sugar Man

Searching For Sugar Man is a documentary about the rock n roll artist Sixto Rodriguez that won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

While most of the film was shot using Super 8 film, the director Malik Bendjelloul decided to finish the film using an application on his iPhone called 8mm Vintage Camera, which allowed him to stylize the shots in a way that matched the vintage look of Super 8.

5. And Uneasy Lies the Mind

And Uneasy Lies the Mind really pioneered the possibility for shooting feature-length work entirely on the iPhone, as it was arguably the first to do so back in 2014.

Another film about the nature of insanity, this work has caused us to pick up on an obvious theme of these experimental, low-budget thrillers: the intersection of technology and health in a modern world.

6. I Play with the Phrase Each Other

This feature length-drama from writer-director Jay Alvarez was shot entirely on a smartphone and wins the award for the best title on this list.

7. Night Fishing

Night Fishing, a South Korean short horror film by Park Chan-wook and his brother Park Chan-Kyong, was shot entirely using an iPhone 4 back in 2011.

8. The Painter of Jalouzi

A short-length documentary shot solely using an iPhone 6, The Painter of Jalouzi tells the story of a Haitian painter who believes that color has the power to transform the emotions of a society.

9. Made in Paris

Made in Paris is a cinematic documentary that explores the life of a pastry chef. It was shot on the most recent iPhone X.

10. Framed

Framed is a narrative short film that was shot using the iPhone 4s. The story revolves around a photographer, which seems to be another popular theme in this innovative meta-art form: art about artists.

11. Dancers of New York

Dancers of New York, which was shot on the iPhone 6, is reminiscent of the famous Koyaanisqatsi by Godrey Regio.

12. Detour

This 11-minute short film shot by the legendary Michel Gondry was sponsored by Apple to show off the powerful capabilities of its iPhone. It’s notable for using time-lapse, slow motion and even stop-motion effects.

13. DragonBorne

Featuring gorgeous cinematography, DragonBorne is a short film shot on the iPhone 6 which is a sequel to a previous film from the director that was shot on the iPhone 4s. 


A Short Film Shot on iPhone 4s!

The BMX Businessman

4K Short Film Shot on iPhone 6S Plus | Mashable

Our Final Thoughts About iPhone Films

What’s interesting about the themes in these low-budget films is that they represent a foray into conceptual art. Particularly as the work enters into a conversation with its own means of production. This is relatively novel within the history of film which has traditionally been more concerned with literal representations that are profitable and palatable. 

Level of Meaning In Making a Movie

This meta-approach, however, is provocative and has raised the standards for future filmmakers, whose creations must not only satiate us at the moment but also captivate us on a trans-temporal level.

This level of meaning has always been present with great art, but, usually, the “fourth wall” is purposely obscured to facilitate a more naturalistic experience. This is all changing now that filmmaking is such an inextricable part of everyday life. 

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