I’ve seen, tried and reviewed many universal mounting gears for smartphone over the years. They all share similar features among them, e.g. support for a wide range smartphone brands and models of various sizes; one or more standard 1/4″ 20 thread to mount various photographic tripod, stabilisation, cradle and other accessories.

But so far UniGrip Pro has one thing that other smartphone mounting gears don’t have, it’s made from solid metal! This means that UniGrip Pro, compared to other plastic-made gripper, is practically indestructible!

A great thing about using the mounting gear for your smartphone is it helps avoid accidents that can be caused while riding bicycles or motorcycles. This enables the owner to use their phone easily by making sure your hands do not leave the handlebars while receiving calls or changing your playlist. Still, purchasing the right one can be hard.
A Clamp allows the holder to secure to the handlebars. Additionally, it also features a knob or screw to help you tighten it to the tube or handlebar. They come in different diameters to fit handlebars of different diameters.
The Silicon bands can be pulled or stretched and allow the user to secure the phone to the holder.
Rubber sides/feet help to secure the phone or holder to the handlebars. Also, it helps to minimize the vibration of the phone.
A rotator may or may not be present. It allows the user to rotate the phone while it is attached to the holder without demounting it.

Get a Grip!

UniGrip Pro is made of two-part metal gripper. The two clamp is connected in the middle by a big screw.


You can adjust the width (or height) of the gripper by sliding these two frame closer or away from each other. When you get the right width you can secure it by tighten up the screw. After which the mechanism will grip your smartphone quite strongly. I tried to shake it considerably and it wouldn’t budge.

Both grippers sport soft rubber lining on each ‘tooth’ to create the ‘grip’ and to prevent it to damage your smartphone. And on each of this ‘tooth’ that you can find the mounting thread.


The opening is wide enough to cater at least my iPhone 6+ with another 2 cm more spare.

Using the two threads, you can mount your smartphone to any standard tripod, stabiliser or cradle. You can also mount an additional photographic accessories, such as LED Lights, Microphones, etc., on the other side of the grip.

By the way, you can use UniGrip Pro as a kickstand as well. With your smartphone clamped, you can prop it up on the grip. It’s a good way to turn your smartphone into an entertainment station.

Final Verdict

UniGrip Pro is a truly universal Smartphone mount. Since it’s made of metal, it’s basically long-lasting. It’s no wonder that UniGrip offers a Lifetime Damaged Parts Replacement Warranty!

If there is one thing I don’t like from this is that it’s a little bit heavier that other gripper, and because of it’s designed I don’t think you can just carry it in your pocket. Ok, that’s two actually.

But apart from that UniGrip Pro is a solid, no pun intended, mounting system that you would find it invaluable companion for your mobile photography.

UniGrip Pro costs $49.95 and shipping is FREE for US. For shipping outside US please check here.

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