UniGrip Pro – Universal Smartphone Mounting Gear

I've seen, tried and reviewed many universal mounting gears for smartphone over the years. They all share similar features among them, e.g. support for a wide range smartphone brands and models of various sizes; one or more standard 1/4" 20 thread to mount various photographic tripod, stabilisation, cradle and other accessories. But so far UniGrip [...]

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How To Blur Background Objects Of Your Photos On iPhone

Image via unsplashAre you looking for a way to get that fantastic blur background effect on your iPhone photos? Whether it's beautifully sharp photos of their loved ones or magazine-grade food photography, you might have noticed that your friends have recently picked up their Instagram game.But have they all gone out and purchased a brand [...]

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How to Easily Record iOS Screen on your Mac or PC

    Whether you are trying to build a YouTube empire recording how-to videos or you just want to make some fun videos to share with friends, knowing how to record your iOS screen is a skill you need. Luckily, it is not very difficult as there are some great software options you can use [...]

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Intazood Review: This Intagram Bot Lives For Your ‘Gram

If you're trying to grow your Instagram following, chances are you've heard of the popular Instagram bot, Instazood. Instazood promises to help you automate all your Instagram activities and build your audience with real people who are genuinely interested in your content. But the question is, do they deliver on their promises? Only an Instazood [...]

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How Do I Delete Photos from My IPhone? 8 Easy Steps for More Storage Right Now

The majority of people in the world have access to a mobile phone. Some can afford high tech, latest model smartphones, and others use lower end android devices. This small but useful gadget is now a must-have electronic tool for most people across the world. Some of the world's strongest economies would fall if smartphones [...]

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The iPhone 4 Camera: Innovation, Upon Innovation

​The iPhone 4 Camera: Innovation, Upon Innovation You know the name. Apple is an unavoidable company. It doesn’t matter if you’re rabidly loyal to their innovative products or prefer Android, you’ve certainly at least seen their unique marketing campaigns. Their inventiveness in pushing new technological boundaries alongside their fun approach to marketing has made them [...]

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The iPhone 5 Camera: The Consumer’s Camera

The iPhone 5 Camera: The Consumer’s Camera Image via pexels If you’re good at making something, why stop? Apple Inc. made incredible strides with the release of the iPhone 4, and subsequently, its upgrade – the iPhone 4s. Their track record in the smartphone biz had been lagging before 4 series release, but its innovation, [...]

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How to Mirror an Image on iPhone

How to Mirror and Image on iPhone Mirror, mirror, flip them all. Since they first hit the market, smartphones have presented consumers and consumer-based businesses with an amazing ability. It used to be that several physical consumer objects like calculators and sound recording devices had to be purchased separately. However, there is a surprisingly long [...]

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Snapseed App Review for Photographers

Nik Software, the manufacturer of Snapseed has been creating a number of awesome plugins and software for photographers since the 90’s. Snapseed stands as the most famous image editing app by Nik Software and was taken in by Google in 2012 for mobile image editing purposes. Read on to know more from this snapseed review. [...]

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