Best Red Eye Remover App

Best Red Eye Remover App  Red eyes in pictures, known as the “red-eye effect,” happens when a camera takes a picture with flash, either at night or in dim lighting. Good news: this effect is not actually the devil coming out of your subject’s eyes. There’s a much more scientific reasoning behind this effect. The [...]

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3 Methods On How To Transfer Photos From Android To PC

Smartphones have quickly become our go-to for all of our photo needs. As convenient and user-friendly as this photography method is, it does pose a main pitfall: over time, these photos tend to take up a lot of room on your phone. Think about it. On top of your mountain of photos, you have videos, [...]

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The 5 Best Phone Camera Lens You Can Find In The Market

Although there are only a select few amounts of people who own a professional, high-quality camera, it seems like almost everyone had a smartphone that can take pretty decent pictures. These days, everything is visual. From social media to self-promotion and marketing, a decent photo goes a long way. If you’re looking to up your [...]

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iPhone X Photography: What’s New And The Best Photography Apps

There’s nothing worst then seeing the perfect opportunity for a picture and having no camera. This happens a lot in life, it’s not a big problem in the world, but it’s definitely a huge annoyance. Well, since we all carry our smartphones with us, many people have been using their phones as their cameras. They [...]

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How To Use A Selfie Stick Without Looking Silly: Tips And Tricks

So it’s past to the point where people make fun of selfie sticks right? In fact, they can be useful sometimes for certain shots and situations. But there are still some people who don’t know how to use a selfie stick and they look silly at best, and disrespectful at worst. The History of the [...]

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Best Tempered Glass Screen Protector For Your Smartphones

Best Tempered Glass Screen Protector For Your SmartphonesUsually when you spend a small fortune on a smartphone, you want to make sure you protect your investment. You might buy a warranty, a protective case, and a screen protector.There is nothing worse than a cracked touch screen. Screens can be costly to replace, for some phones [...]

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Top 50 Free Mobile Photography Apps For Android And iPhone

Top 50 Free Mobile Photography Apps for Android and iPhoneDo you ever wonder who takes pictures with cameras anymore? You look around and it seems like people always have their phones out at concerts, in scenic places, or when something newsworthy is happening. You don’t really see regular cameras anymore.Maybe that’s not so surprising. Cell [...]

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7 Tips On How To Get More Likes On Instagram

How to Get More Likes on Instagram as a Photographer Instagram is quickly becoming one of the most popular applications for photographers to display their craft. It is particularly geared for images captured on cellphones, though any kind of image can be shared. In this sense, what you post becomes a visual extension of your [...]

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The 7 Best Camera Phones Under $200

Looking for the best camera phone under 200 dollars?When purchasing cell phones, customers used to be concerned only with one feature: can the phone be used in making calls.But, nowadays, with innovative developments in the multifunctionality of these portable devices, customers can experience all sorts of magical features, and at an affordable price well below [...]

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