iPhone X Photography: What’s New And The Best Photography Apps

There’s nothing worst then seeing the perfect opportunity for a picture and having no camera. This happens a lot in life, it’s not a big problem in the world, but it’s definitely a huge annoyance. Well, since we all carry our smartphones with us, many people have been using their phones as their cameras. They [...]

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Olloclip Lens – Innovative Design and Engineering doesn’t belong to Apple alone

It's been almost 5 years since Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone, and from that moment on the iPhoneography movement has been slowly but surely taking over the world faster than anybody could had ever predicted. But despite all the advancements in term of smartphone processor speed, advance image sensor technology and powerful photo taking [...]

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What is HDR and How it can Help you take Better photos with your iPhone

Sharp-eyed iPhone users would've noticed one feature in the iOS Camera app they can turn on/off, one that is called HDR. But not very many would understand what it means or what it actually does, let alone try to use it. In fact most users wouldn't even know that this feature exists because prior to [...]

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iPhone 5 – What’s In It for iPhoneographers?

Tomorrow the biggest Gadget sales event of the year will take place. It is the iPhone 5 launch day! If you want one and you haven't pre-order it, well unfortunately you will have to queue with the others on Friday. Either that or you have to wait for another 3 weeks. Now, if you are [...]

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