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  • Likes on Instagram as a Photographer

7 Tips On How To Get More Likes On Instagram

How to Get More Likes on Instagram as a Photographer Instagram is quickly becoming one of the most popular applications for photographers to display their craft. It is particularly geared for images captured on cellphones, [...]

  • how to get verified on instagram

Tips on How to Get Verified on Instagram

 Instagram has made it almost impossible for ordinary users to get that blue verification tick on their accounts. The popular social media platform has even indicated that only public figures, celebrities, and brands can [...]

  • The Death of Instagram Bots

The Last Dying Breath of Instagram Bots

You've probably experienced this yourself. Just after you posted your awesome selfie on to your Instagram account, you immediately either got a bunch of likes, found some nice comments or had some people followed you [...]

  • How to Clear Instagram Search History

How to Clear Instagram Search History

As an Instagram power user you probably use the search feature practically on daily basis.  Instagram search is quite a powerful tool that lets you not only to find people or tags but also places [...]

  • How to avoid getting banned or blocked by Instagram

How to avoid getting banned, blocked or disabled by Instagram

TL;DR: If you are already in the ‘dog house’ go scroll down to find some actions you can try to speed up the process of reinstating your account.Welcome to the new Instagram! This born-again Instagram [...]