I found a cool Instagram update today. Do you remember ‘Peek and Pop‘? This feature is part of the 3D Touch functionality I had mentioned in my post about new features mobile photographer gets with the new iPhone 6s.

The 3D Touch was made possible with the introduction of the new pressure sensitive display in the iPhones 6s (and 6s plus). It basically works like a ‘right-click’ mouse in the desktop world. When you press the display longer than usual (on an app that support 3D touch) it will show some function of the app without actually opening the app itself.

In Instagram app you can tap and hold a thumbnail of a photo/video post, for example in the Explore or Search Page or in someone’s Profile Page, and it will pop a bigger version of the photo and video.

It allows you to ‘Peek‘ quickly to see the picture or play the video. When you release your touch, the pop-up display will disappear and you will be back on the page where you were before. This added action can speed up our interaction with Instagram quite considerable.

iPhone 6s 3D Touch on Instagram

iPhone 6s 3D Touch on Instagram

Unfortunately this feature only works if you have the new iPhone 6s … until now!

Now, don’t ask me when Instagram started to release this feature, but as for today I can do a Peek with Instagram on my iPhone 6!

Try this! Go to your profile page, tap and hold on one of your photo’s thumbnails, and you will get the Peek immediately.

Have a Peek at your Instagram Profile Page.

Have a Peek at your Instagram Profile Page.

Not only that, if you then slide your finger up, you will get a list of more actions pop up underneath the photo. So far the action list allows you to do things such as Like, Comment, View Profile or Send as Message.

Have a Peek at your Instagram Profile Page - More Actions

More Actions

You can do this on all pages that have thumbnails. So that would be the Explore, the Search and the Profile page. Unfortunately it doesn’t work in the Following page.

As I mentioned earlier, the Peek also works with video post.

Instagram Peek for Video

Instagram Peek for Video

Now, I have a feeling that this feature hasn’t been rolled out for everybody, so if you don’t have it yet just be patient.

As for Android user, I’ve read that this is available for you too, though subsequent report said that Instagram had pulled the feature out.  Just try it.

Happy Peeking!

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