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 Instagram has made it almost impossible for ordinary users to get that blue verification tick on their accounts.

The popular social media platform has even indicated that only public figures, celebrities, and brands can have their accounts verified.

The internet has not made things any easier, with many “how to get verified on Instagram” articles either being not up-to-date or outright misleading.

As a social media user, it’s easy to quit trying but when you look at the benefits of being verified, you’ll definitely want to try again.

Why Should You Get Verified on Instagram?

Having a verified Instagram account goes a long way in giving you credibility to your followers and target audience. The elusive blue tick is a representation of a trustworthy brand and can be used to distinguish a fake Instagram account from a real one.

Having your Instagram verified will also give you a sense of validation for achieving the near-impossible feat that is only enjoyed by high-end brands. If this doesn’t motivate you to have your Instagram account verified, then nothing will.

So how do you do that?

How to Get Verified on Instagram

Your Account’s Credibility Should Be Flawless

As earlier stated, Instagram tends to verify accounts that are 100% credible. Therefore, you should first work on the legitimacy of your account.

One way of doing this is by linking your account to your other social media profiles like LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Make sure that these other accounts are all verified. The verification process on many of these social media platforms is simpler and faster.

Another way of proving the legitimacy of your Instagram account is by posting original and personal content. This will show that the account is indeed yours, and the photos and videos could only be coming from you.

Therefore, it high time that you took down those online-sourced photos from your Instagram page. You can’t get verified with them. Instead, post more personal content. If it is a business account, post content that is only relevant to your business.

Once you have linked all your verified social media pages to your account, it’s time for the next step on how to get verified on Instagram – making you a celebrity.

Make Yourself a Social Media Star

Of course, you can’t get verified with only 20 followers. Most of the verified Instagram accounts have thousands and even millions of followers.

To have more followers, you need to transform yourself into a social media celebrity. But making a name for yourself on social media shouldn’t be rocket science – and it’s not.

First, you’ll have to ramp up the popularity you have on the other social media platforms linked to your Instagram. The best way of being popular on social media is by standing out in your specific niche.

High-quality Content for all Social Media Platforms

Come up with exceptional content on Facebook, make mind-blowing infographics on Pinterest, upload exciting and high-quality video content on YouTube, and write thought-provoking articles on LinkedIn. And don’t forget memes, they are also a great way of making your social media presence lively.

You should also interlink the content you have created for the different social media platforms. What this means is sharing your LinkedIn articles on Twitter, adding a link of your Facebook account on your Pinterest infographics, requesting your YouTube subscribers to follow your Instagram page, and so on.

In addition, you should include trending hashtags when posting content on your Instagram page for increased visibility. However, ensure the hashtags are in line with your target audience. This will increase traffic to your Instagram account and better your chances of having your account verified.

Position Yourself at Risk of Getting Impersonated

According to Instagram, verification is used to provide security for people who are at risk of being impersonated. Since you have some authority in your niche and a significant amount of followers, you are at risk of getting impersonated and you can request for a verification badge.

However, this might not work so smoothly. When you report about being impersonated, Instagram can decide to solve the problem deleting the account of the impersonator. When this happens, your account is not verified.

While you may not get verified the first time, this will put you on the verification shortlist and you’ll certainly be verified in the next wave.

However, do not go out and create a fake account to impersonate yourself. This might get you banned from the social media platform altogether.

All in All, Stay Active on Instagram

How to get verified on Instagram? Verification is awarded to active accounts only.

If you requested for the verification badge, the admin will check your account’s activity. When they notice that you don’t post often, they might not approve your request.

It doesn’t matter how much of a star you are. If you do not use the platform, there’s no reason to get the badge.

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