13 Movies That Were Shot with an iPhone

There are more than 20 movies that were shot with an iphone? Let us first check out the top 13 Movies That Were Shot with an iPhone. One technique that many modern filmmakers are utilizing to help make the actors feel more comfortable on set is the use of portable smartphones for filming. Specifically Apple’s iPhone, [...]

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iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Camera Review

For the last decade, Apple has been the face of innovation and new technology. A smartphone was not something new in 2008, but Apple made it a mainstream product by introducing a powerful and revolutionary device – the iPhone.With top-notch features, the iPhone has changed the way people use their phones. Most notably, users [...]

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Tips on How to Get Verified on Instagram

 Instagram has made it almost impossible for ordinary users to get that blue verification tick on their accounts. The popular social media platform has even indicated that only public figures, celebrities, and brands can have their accounts verified. The internet has not made things any easier, with many “how to get verified on Instagram” [...]

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How to Maximize Who Can See Your Instagram Photos

Instagram is currently the king of social media engagement. With 300 million daily active users, Instagram is leaving their biggest competitor, Snapchat, in its dust. Brands and individuals are clamoring to get a piece of the lucrative Instagram pie. There is attention to be had here if you know how to gain it. [...]

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History of Mobile Photography

It seems like most conversations these days revolve around the millennial generation – a generation that freely expresses itself. One of the gadgets closely associated with this generation is the smartphone, and among its countless applications is the elusive camera. Today, cameras are arguably the most used [...]

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5 Must-Have Photo Editing Apps for Your Smartphone

If you’ve ever opened the App Store or Play Store looking for a photo editing app, you’ve seen how daunting the selections can be. There are far too many options for editing apps, and each offers the same general editing tools. Almost every app you download will allow you to crop a photo, [...]

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Mind-Blowing Statistics For Mobile Photography: What’s New And The Best Trend?

Breaking Down Some of the Most Mind-blowing Statistics for Mobile Photography  It really is incredible to be able to reach into your pocket, pull out your phone, and, with the simple press of a button, be able to take a high-quality photo that you can quickly share with family and friends. Not too long ago, [...]

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New 360-Degree Lens for your iPhone

Users of iPhones have found their phones can be used for much more than simply making calls. In fact, a number of users have been so thrilled with the quality of photos that are taken that hey have made their iPhone their preferred camera as well. There is great new for those that are photograph [...]

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How to do ‘Peek and Pop’ in Instagram if you don’t have the iPhone 6s

I found a cool Instagram update today. Do you remember 'Peek and Pop'? This feature is part of the 3D Touch functionality I had mentioned in my post about new features mobile photographer gets with the new iPhone 6s. The 3D Touch was made possible with the introduction of the new pressure sensitive display in [...]

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How to post portrait or landscape photos or videos on Instagram

As I wrote on my previous post, Instagram has finally given in and with the new version users are not limited any more to post photos in square format. As from today, Instagram allows users to post photos in either portrait or lansdscape orientation. In addition, users don't have to worry about 'cropping' their videos [...]

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