Red eyes in pictures, known as the “red-eye effect,” happens when a camera takes a picture with flash, either at night or in dim lighting. Good news: this effect is not actually the devil coming out of your subject’s eyes. With a little help from the best red eye removal app, you can do something to fix this. 

There’s a much more scientific reasoning behind this effect. The red eye is caused by  light reflecting from the retina. Light travels through the pupil and cornea to focus on the retina of the eye. At this point, the retina transforms the light rays into electrical pulses that travel to the brain in order to create images.

When a camera flash is ignited, the pupils in the subject’s eyes don’t have time to reduce the amount of light that’s penetrating the eyes. So, when a huge burst of light comes into contact with their retinas, it is reflected back and then captured on film.

The reason why the eyes have a distinctly red tint is because of the blood supply in the choroid at the back of the eye that supplies the retina and gives it a blood red color.

As most photographers know, this red eye look is far from ideal. Thankfully, there are a number of red eye remover apps to choose from to eliminate this issue.

Our Best Red Eye Remover App Choices

While there are many photo editing apps to choose from these days, a percentage of these apps are specifically beneficial for removing the red eye effect from your photos. We have compiled a list of the best red eye remover app choices so you can start snapping and stop worrying.

Visage Lab

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Visage Lab is a free application that can easily and quickly perform a number of photo touch-ups. Along with removing the red eye effect, it can also smooth the appearance of skin, remove pimples and shine from your subject’s face and give teeth a whiter finish.

In order to complete these tasks, all you need to do is upload a picture from the app’s gallery or take a picture with the camera options. Wait a few seconds after and you’ll see an entirely transformed photo that you can later add a number of effects or filters to.

The retouching process on this app is fully automated which means eyes are scanned and if the red eye effect is detected, the color is automatically corrected in the photo.

The skin and teeth in the picture are also scanned for imperfections and are corrected immediately once found. This app also allows you to compare the before and after photos. Once you are satisfied with the photo, you can save the picture to “Camera Roll” and upload it on whatever social media apps you’d like.


Image by Pexels via Pixabay 

Photowonder app has found itself in second place on our best-of red eye remover app list.This is an awesome tool for photo editing as it contains all the tools needed to significantly improve the overall quality of your photos.

It includes filters and brushes and of course, the ability to remove the red eye effect. All changed as instantly displayed on the photo and yours can use a lot of the effects quickly and simply.

By using the functions in this app, you can guarantee your photos will look flawless. On top of the basic effect functions, you can also use this tool to crop, rotate or make your photos into collages or framed photos while using text.

Eye Color Studio

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This photo editor is aimed primarily at eye editing in photos. Due to this app’s highly specialized ability, the eye editing results are much better than generic editing applications.

In order to work with Eye Color Studio, simply choose a photo on your cell phone. The application then automatically picks up on the person’s eyes. You can also click on the eyes manually to help provide greater accuracy.

By tapping the eye photo, you can start using different effects in the app. There are over 100 types of eyes with different colors. On top of changing the pupil eye color, you can also make the subject’s eyes look like an alien’s eyes or cat’s eyes.

You can then compare the before and after photos by clicking the compare button. If you’re satisfied with the result, you can save your photo in your device’s memory. This is an excellent choice for eye editing abilities as it’s extremely specialized and precise.

PixIr Express

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Pixlr has quickly become a popular photo editing tool due to its wide range of editing tools and the fact that it’s entirely free and can be accessed online.

This application provides a set of functions that are used for standard editing purposes as well as special features for more advanced editors. You can crop, adjust brightness and contrast as well as whiten teeth and remove red-eye effect.

On top of these effects, Pixlr Express allows the user to add frames and other special effects to give their photos a professional look. The final product is an image that can be shared on social media apps easily and quickly.

Adobe Photoshop Express

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Adobe Photoshop Express holds 5th position on our best-of list for red eye remover apps.

Adobe is known for its high-quality graphics editing programs and the most famous app for working on Android and iOS systems for free is the Adobe Photoshop Express. While the functions aren’t as extensive as the PC Adobe Photoshop version, there are still some highlight features that can help edit your photos.

On Adobe Photoshop Express for mobile, you’ll find basic editing functions such as cropping and rotating, removal of red eye effect and lighted spots, many filters and tools, frames and strikes and the ability to create your own effects and filters.

Although this app doesn’t include as many effects as the paid Adobe products, it’s a great way to test one of Adobe’s products out for free.


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Facetune is a small-sized photo editor for mobile devices that offers incredible features to fix up any quality of photo you have - no matter how rough it is.

While it’s not a shoe in for Photoshop, it still allows you to retouch your photo accurately on your mobile device. On top of removing red eyes, it also offers complex functions such as removing scars, teeth whitening, and adjusting face shapes.

Everything is performed with simple tap commands, resulting in fast appearances and without the need for more complicated layers found in professional editors. Although the outcome isn’t as professional as Photoshop results, you’ll still be able to improve your photo.

Photo Editor by Aviary

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This is a multifunctional and easy to use program by ​Aviary​ that is used for editing photos on both Android and iOS systems.

The app allows the user to perform a number of operations that involve changing and framing independently-owned or downloaded photos.This user-friendly app and precise control allows the user to start editing the photo immediately after its downloaded.

On top of removing the red eye effect, this app also provides an automatic image enhancement, stickers, color balance and cropping functions, just to name a few. The user of this application has the choice to purchase plug-ins and additional tools for this photo editor if they’re looking for something more unique or specific.


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This application is seen as one of the best assistance in photographing portraits. These features are incredible as it offers over 800 effects and design functions, which significantly improve the overall mood and result of the photo.

Thanks to these functions, the photographer is able to shoot in a wide range of conditions and is able to shoot in seven different DSLR lenses such as image stabilization for a clearer shot. The effects and filters are well loved in Cymera. It includes highlight options, blurring capabilities and the ability to play with new colors. Highlight the smile and eyes and increase the contrast or eliminate red-eye.

The app is able to recognize faces automatically and can focus in on the subject. It also provides different shooting modes which makes the user feel confident behind the lens. You can also activate a timer and exposure in this multifaceted photo editor app.

Red Eye Removal

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If you’re looking for a tool that specifically focuses on easy red eye removal, this program is a great choice.

It is automated and free from excessive filters or settings. All the user needs to do is download a photo and tap at the eyes to allow the automatic red eye detection ability to adjust the color. This app can also correct eye colors in animals where their “red eye effect” is actually yellow or another color.

This app also allows the user to command undo or repeat which helps undo unwanted versions.

Eye Color Changer

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This app is all about having fun with your images. You can change the subject’s eye color and shape, providing entertaining results.

This application has been downloaded by over 10 million people and has become one of the most realistic eye changing programs available. The features include a range of colors to choose from as well as eye size and shape and effects such as red eye removal.

After trying new color lenses and easily editing the photo to your satisfaction, this app allows you to share with friends and family on social media.This is a very convenient set-up that offers a range of different variations so have fun with.

Red Eye Remover

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This is another mobile device app that is specifically designed for the issue of red eyes in photographs. This application has found an effective solution to this red eye effect with assistance from modern graphic technologies that are embedded in the product.

Even for beginners, it’s become possible to bring photographs to a desired outcome without excessive manipulation or complex operations. This app quickly and automatically detects your picture’s areas of improvement and corrects them instantly.

If you have many pictures that are in need of red-eye treatment, all you need to do is download them into the app and let the program do its job with incredible speed and accuracy. The user is also able to keep track of the changes in the application.

While our number one best red eye remover app is Visage Lab due to its wide range of tools and abilities with extreme ease and precision, as you can see, there are many apps available that help improve the appearance of red eye.

Best Red Eye Remover App: Final Thoughts

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As an age-old photography issue, many application programs and manufacturers have stepped up to the plate to help photographers eliminate this issue easily.

The best app, however, is whichever app you feel most comfortable using. The most effective way to do this would be to download a few of these options we’ve provided, try them out and take note for yourself which one you like using better and which effects you’ll likely use more often.

For some photographers, simplicity and ease of use is best, while for others, the more complex tools and functions, the better!

Some photographers may enjoy the process of manually manipulating their works of art, enjoying the craft of bit by bit transforming the image the way they want.

Others may look for applications that offer automated services so that they can perfect their image with the click of a button, upload it onto social media and carry on with their day. No matter what type of photographer you are, there’s an app out there for you. It just involves a bit of playing around at first, which let’s be honest is a large portion of the enjoyment in photography.

Featured Image: Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

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