How Do I Delete Photos from My IPhone? 8 Easy Steps for More Storage Right Now

The majority of people in the world have access to a mobile phone. Some can afford high tech, latest model smartphones, and others use lower end android devices. This small but useful gadget is now a must-have electronic tool for most people across the world. Some of the world's strongest economies would fall if smartphones [...]

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The iPhone 4 Camera: Innovation, Upon Innovation

​The iPhone 4 Camera: Innovation, Upon Innovation You know the name. Apple is an unavoidable company. It doesn’t matter if you’re rabidly loyal to their innovative products or prefer Android, you’ve certainly at least seen their unique marketing campaigns. Their inventiveness in pushing new technological boundaries alongside their fun approach to marketing has made them [...]

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The iPhone 5 Camera: The Consumer’s Camera

The iPhone 5 Camera: The Consumer’s Camera Image via pexels If you’re good at making something, why stop? Apple Inc. made incredible strides with the release of the iPhone 4, and subsequently, its upgrade – the iPhone 4s. Their track record in the smartphone biz had been lagging before 4 series release, but its innovation, [...]

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How to Mirror an Image on iPhone

How to Mirror and Image on iPhone Mirror, mirror, flip them all. Since they first hit the market, smartphones have presented consumers and consumer-based businesses with an amazing ability. It used to be that several physical consumer objects like calculators and sound recording devices had to be purchased separately. However, there is a surprisingly long [...]

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The 7 Best Camera Phones Under $200

Looking for the best camera phone under 200 dollars?When purchasing cell phones, customers used to be concerned only with one feature: can the phone be used in making calls.But, nowadays, with innovative developments in the multifunctionality of these portable devices, customers can experience all sorts of magical features, and at an affordable price well below [...]

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13 Movies That Were Shot with an iPhone

There are more than 20 movies that were shot with an iphone? Let us first check out the top 13 Movies That Were Shot with an iPhone. One technique that many modern filmmakers are utilizing to help make the actors feel more comfortable on set is the use of portable smartphones for filming. Specifically Apple’s iPhone, [...]

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iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Camera Review

For the last decade, Apple has been the face of innovation and new technology. A smartphone was not something new in 2008, but Apple made it a mainstream product by introducing a powerful and revolutionary device – the iPhone.With top-notch features, the iPhone has changed the way people use their phones. Most notably, users [...]

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History of Mobile Photography

It seems like most conversations these days revolve around the millennial generation – a generation that freely expresses itself. One of the gadgets closely associated with this generation is the smartphone, and among its countless applications is the elusive camera. Today, cameras are arguably the most used [...]

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New 360-Degree Lens for your iPhone

Users of iPhones have found their phones can be used for much more than simply making calls. In fact, a number of users have been so thrilled with the quality of photos that are taken that hey have made their iPhone their preferred camera as well. There is great new for those that are photograph [...]

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iPhone 6s – What’s new for Mobile Photography?

For the iPhone 6s launch event this year, Apple gave it a title 'The only thing that's changed is everything'. Pretty big word I'd say. But let's see whether the claim had merit for us mobile photographers at least. I've written some some of the predictions that we could gather before the Apple event last [...]

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