Users of iPhones have found their phones can be used for much more than simply making calls. In fact, a number of users have been so thrilled with the quality of photos that are taken that hey have made their iPhone their preferred camera as well. There is great new for those that are photograph enthusiasts and who use their iPhone for taking pictures. A new 360-degree lens is now on the market and it can be used to record videos and take pictures.

The exciting device simply attaches to an iPhone and is a Fishball lens that allows users to shoot 360 degrees of action. The new Fishball attachment is a low cost solution for those who take many photos and it is retailing for just $99. The item is in a pre-order phase and will ship in June of 2018. It is not known just how many are being manufactured and with the popularity of such products, there is a good chance the company will not be able to keep up with demands. This is why it is important to place orders now to avoid missing out on this amazing new device that can capture some of the best photo moments of all time.

Quality Photos with iPhone

iPhone uses all over the world are using their devices for so much more than a simple phone. These devices have amazing capabilities that allow users to enjoy games and amazing apps that can provide instant access to entertainment and excitement. A number of users make use of their iPhones daily to connect with gaming sites, including mobile casinos where they can enjoy a huge array of real money titles and these games on your iPhone offer realistic experience. While gaming is a popular pastime for iPhone users, so is taking pictures.

The iPhone has been created with a high mega-pixel camera and with the latest versions of the phone, users will even benefit from dual cameras, with one dedicated to taking selfies. The cameras that are used on these devices are of the highest quality and deliver exceptional photos and videos. The color and brightness are always spot on and the cameras can capture action shots, might images, still photos, portraits and much more. With some great photo editing apps and added accessories like a 360-degree lens, users can now create professional quality pictures in the palm of their hands.

With added attachments like this new 360-degree camera lens, users will have the ability to capture every moment without even having to focus. The device automatically captures all action in a complete circle and it can all be seen or replayed instantly. This is a must have device for any photography enthusiasts that makes use of their iPhone on a regular basis. The benefits are endless and with a low price, this new product will surely be on the want list for thousands. Using the Fishball will not result in any distorted images. They will all be clear as day and with the amazing properties of the cameras on various iPhones, users will quickly see why this attachment is one that is a must have especially for those that are always capturing special moments.

Benefits of the Fishball 360 Degree Lens

There are a number of products that are available to use with an iPhone that will deliver 360 degree photo capabilities, but none are as simple or affordable as the Fishball. This device makes use of special optics instead of electronics, so there is no charging requires, no memory cards to use and no pairing needed. The device simply clicks on to the iPhone and will allow users to capture 360 degrees of video and pictures using the rear camera.

Since this device requires no separate memory, every image that is captured will instantly be stored to the iPhone memory and is immediately available to share on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more. The Fishball can be used on the iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus and the latest iPhone X and when the iPhone is updated, so it the Fishball, so it can always be used with the latest devices and operating systems.

The ease of use is one of the main benefits. There is no complicated software to install, no charging to be done. It is a simple process of attaching the device and immediately being able to take 360 degree photos and videos. The Fishball app is completely free to download and as soon as the device is attached, users can just start using it just as they would the regular camera on the iPhone. Add in the low cost compared to other device and it goes without saying that the Fishball offers many benefits over other products on the market.

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