Help! My Instagram got Hacked!

No matter how careful we are, sometimes somehow we just manage to let our guard down and accidentally allow some insidious ‘element’ take control of our online asset.

Instagram, being a very ‘visual’ online media, is a heaven for hackers and you should always keep a leading antivirus software installed on your computer because if you don’t keep your vigilance, you will surely be vulnerable to their attack.

But it’s all too late, you had found out that your Instagram got hacked! Now what can you do to get your account back!?

How to get your Instagram account back when you got hacked

1. If you can still login to your account, login right now and immediately change your password AND your email address.

And while at this, you might as well change your email password at the same time, just in case the hacker got hold of your email too.

2. If you are not able to login to your account at all, then you can try to report it to Instagram and start the process to recover your account.  You should answer the Q&A, write as much information as possible and submit the form.

How to report to Instagram if your account got hacked

Good Luck!