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Ztylus is my new favourite mobile gear company, period! It has continued to impress me with their design of mobile products which are not only practical but also future proof and built like a tank.

Last month I reviewed the Ztylus case for iPhone 6 Plus and its genius Lens Kit attachment. I was very impressed with it and many people seemed to agree with me judging from how many unit had been sold through my special promo code (you can get this code at the end of this post).

Today I am reviewing a similar case but for iPhone 5/5s and I can tell you now that this case is the best case I’ve ever reviewed for iPhone 5/5s. Ztylus now is my main case. I let my iPhone wear it everyday to give it a total protection and to help me taking great and unique photos.

Beauty and Form … Together

Many cases emphasis their design on form and function. A case is basically there to protect the phone. But they often neglect that it could be nice if a case is also good to look at.  Other cases put too much emphasis on being a fashion accessory that they sacrifice practicality for beauty.

Not so with the Ztylus case!

The Ztylus case has a great design that combines beauty and function in one harmonious form. It manages to look good without sacrificing the need for total protection. It even gives you more features without forgetting that you need to use it to go about your activities every day.

Built like a tank – Looks like Lamborghini

The first thing you will notice from the Ztylus case is that it is ‘built like a tank‘. The shell is made from a hard plastic with the top and the bottom part are made from metal. This metal part encloses the corners of your phone. The front part of the case has raise edges so that your iPhone face won’t touch the ground when you put it face down.



All ports and buttons are exposed perfectly for easy access.



Additionally the inside is lined with soft velvety like material which works like shock absorber. This whole design provides you with a total protection from scratches and drops.


Ingenious Lens Kit

But that’s not all! Oh no. Observance reader would notice the circular thing at the back. Well that my friends is where the magic begins!

You see, the Ztylus case is just one part of this excellent Lens attachment system. The other part is the cool lens kit.

The Ztylus lens is so sophisticatedly designed that the first time I held I didn’t know what to do or how to use it.  But don’t worry it’s not complicated, as a matter of fact is so simple it’s ingenious!

The Ztylus lens kit is a 4-in-1 system. Each lens is attach to a swinging arm that is neatly tucked – hidden inside the revolver. Yes it is a revolver because it turns!

Ztylus - Most Advance Mobile Lens Kit for iPhone 6/6 Plus

Revolver Lens Attachment

Here is how you use it. You detach the round cover on the back of the Ztylus case. This cover also works as a kick-stand by the way. And then attach the Ztylus lens revolver in.


I really love this part, and if you’ve had a DSLR before, you would appreciate the novelty as well. because the way we attach the revolver is the same way we usually attach a lens on a DSLR! Ztylus has done a good job to ‘replicate’ this feeling.

One the revolver is attached you can start to use one of the lenses. There are 4 lenses to choose: the Wide Angle, Fisheye, Macro and Polariser filter. Each of the lens is attached to an arm that swing out from the revolver where they are housed in.

To position the lens on top of the iPhone standard lens you rotate the revolver until it ‘clicks’ and the indicator is in line. The wing out the arm until the lens covers the iPhone lens. This is easier than it looks, the arm has grove that will help the lens to be securely and accurately positioned. Now you can start shooting.


One note about the Macro lens because it is different than the other ones in a way that it is actually hidden under the Wide Angle lens. The Wide Angle lens is attached magnetically to the arm, so just pop the lens out to reveal the Macro lens.

For more detailed review for each lens along with photo example taken with these lenses please read my post on Ztylus case and lens for iPhone 6.


Long term investment

I said this in my previous review and I said this again here, Ztylus team had a big vision in mobile gear. Instead of keep changing lens design to fit each iteration of mobile phone, they came up with a more modular designthey adapt the case! Ztylus team had figured out about longevity, how to future proofing our investment (and theirs) and lowering our total cost of ownership.

That’s innovation and it’s simply genius!

Final Verdict

Everything about Ztylus, either the case or the lenses, oozes sophisticatication and a very well thought design. Some of the details have given my photography heart a smile.

The case gives my iPhone a total protection and the kickstand is a nice and useful addition.

The lens are great, you can see the result yourself and they are comparable to my favourite Olloclip.

And last but certainly not the very least, once you own the lens, you can use it for all your iPhones regardles the version and size. You just have to get the right case companion and you can re-use your (expensive) lenses as before.

The Ztylus for iPhone 5/5s come in 3 varieties. The black and the white colour ones (case only) will set you $39.95. If you want to case with the lens (if you haven’t got one yet) it costs $99.95. And finally the Gold colour limited edition with the lens costs $129.95.

As I promised in at the beginning of this post, you can get any of these with 25% discount on one-time purchase! The only thing you need to do is to visit this special page to get your discount code which you can copy and paste when you are on the check out page. Remember that the code only applies for one time only, so the more you buy the more you safe!

And by the way, as if this were not enough, shipping is FREE worldwide!

What more can you ask?! If you are looking for a great iPhone 5/5s case and lenses Ztylus is an excellent choice! You won’t regret it, I didn’t.

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