As a photographer I’m sure you know about Adobe Photoshop and probably have heard about Adobe Lightroom. You are probably even using them today.  The former is probably one of the most advance and widely used Desktop Imaging software ever, and the latter is one of the best Desktop Photo Editor/Manager.  They are simply one of the best tools to be use by Photography Professionals around the globe.

There is just one ‘slight’ the problem, Photoshop is not exactly a cheap software if you want to buy it as a standalone package. As a matter of fact you will have to spend around $700 in Amazon for a brand new Photoshop CS6. For a casual user, like me, the cost is simply unjustifiable.

The latest Lightroom however, costs only just above $100, which is not too bad, though some of you who are taking up Mobile Photography only recently might feel that you are not ready yet to spend even this much. Especially since there are many cheaper or even free alternatives, not to mention the myriad iOS/Android apps that have similar functionalities to their desktop cousin.

The situation however had changed.  This is something that might just give you an incentive to try these awesome tools.

For a year or so now, Adobe has been changing its business model from selling ‘shrink-wrap’ standalone software to a subscription based licensing!  This deal, together, is now called Adobe Creative Cloud.

How does it work?

Basically you get into a contract with Adobe (typically for a year) to use their software for a fixed monthly payment.  For example, for about $50 a month you can have access to ALL, as in every single software that Adobe has, plus 20GB cloud storage and all the Adobe tools and services.

Just like other subscription model, when ever there are new updates, or there is new version of the software, you will get it automatically. There is also a plan where you can get only an individual tool for less than $20 a month.  You can check on all the plans that are available on this page.

There is one crucial thing which you might want to think over however.  Unlike when you buy a standalone software, a subscription plan means that  you don’t actually own the physical software.  You are effectively just ‘renting‘ to use it.  Also, if you are a previous customer and hold an upgrade agreement which allows you to buy a new version every 18 months for very little money, the subscription model will be a little bit more expensive in a long run.  At least when you compare it to the upgrade cost.

Because of this, and the fact that Adobe will never sell anymore standalone software for foreseeable future, this strategic move has angered many of Adobe’s loyal and long-time customers. I can actually understand this, because they felt that Adobe has forced them to follow this new direction without giving them much alternative to choose from. Unfortunately Adobe doesn’t seem to have any inclination what so ever to change their mind. The Adobe CC is here to stay, and that’s how it is going to be.

What about for Photographer?

Having said that, here is the most exciting thing for us Photographers! Adobe, for a limited time, has offer us a fantastic deal! For less than $10 a month (1 year contract), you can get your hands on the latest Photoshop and Lightroom! Plus 20Gb Cloud Storage and a Behance Pro account (Adobe’s professional online portfolio service).

Let’s calculate this, $10 x 12 equals to $120. For new Adobe users, this is a no-brainer! It’s a fraction of the cost of the standalone Photoshop + Lightroom combined (which equates to almost $800). For as little as the cost of 3 cups of Starbucks coffee, you can enjoy these 2 great Image/Photo Editing suites, the same tools that many Professionals used to have the privilege to use in the past ! You don’t have to have previously own Adobe Software to get this deal either, anybody, old and new customers are eligible. The price won’t change ‘back’ after the 12-month contract either, as Scott Kelby‘s said in his post, this is NOT an ‘Introductory Price’, it’s a ‘Limited Offer’.  I have confirmed this myself with their support team.

There is a catch however, you need to get it before the end of March 2014 to be eligible for this offer (sorry for the last minute notice).

By lowering the bar of entry, Adobe has done to professional image/photo editing tools what Apple did to Mobile Photography with the iPhone.  It is yet another democratisation of Photography and in particular for us Mobile Photography.

There is FAQ and T&C in case you feel inclined to read them. There is even a live chat support guys if you feel you need confirmations on anything (I’ve used the chat myself).

In the meantime watch the following video to give you some idea what to expect.

Disclaimer: No, I don’t work for Adobe.  And No, Adobe didn’t sponsor this article.  I’m just a very happy new customer who wants to share his happiness with everybody.

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