5 Easy Steps to Create Photo Slide Show with your iPhone

5 Easy Steps to Create Photo Slide Show with your iPhone

Let’s say you’ve been on a holiday, you had a smashing time and you took tons of pictures with your iPhone to prove to you did. Obviously now you would want to share the photos to your friends and colleagues who’ve been stuck in a sodding miserable weather in the meantime :) But you don’t really want to post lots of Instagram photos of the same clear-turquoise water and blue sky one after the other, lest you get lynched by your mates. So what can you do?

One thing you can do is to create a photo slide show and share it as an Instagram video, or to Facebook, or YouTube, or email it to who ever you think deserves it.

Now, typically you would have to use some kind of slide show creator on your Desktop PC or Mac to make such a thing.  But this way is always too much hassle.

Well, you don’t have to do this anymore because I’m going to show you, in 5 easy steps, how to create a photo slide show of your pictures with only your iPhone!

Step 1

Install Flipagram – it’s FREE for a limited time.

Step 2

Tap on the Start button after you open the app.

Flipagram - Tap on the Start button

Start choosing the photos you want to include in the slide show. You can select more than one photo at the same time.

Tap on the ‘check‘ icon at the top-right corner of the screen when you finish choosing.

Step 3

The next screen that appears will allow you to organise your photos in the slide show.

Flipagram - Organising Photos in a Slide Show

There are a few things that you can do, for example:

  • Add more photos: Just tap on the ‘Add Moment’ button and start adding more photos.
  • Delete any of photo from the list: tap on the photo you want to delete and then tap on the bin icon (bottom-right corner).
  • Move the photo around to change the order when it will appear in the slide show: tap and hold the photo you want to move until it ‘wiggles‘ than move it to its new location.
  • Make a copy of any of the photo: tap on the photo you want to copy and then tap the ‘Copy’ icon (bottom-middle). Why would you want to copy a photo, I hear you asking. Well, since every photo will appear in exactly the same duration of time in the slide show, you can make a photo to show ‘longer’ by copying it and place them side by side. Or you can make the same photo to appear in different time just by move the copy to different place in the slide show order.
  • Move and Scale: by default Flipagram will automatically crop each of your photo in the slide show into a square format. But if you set Flipagram to leave your photo alone (in the App Settings), you would have an opportunity to move and/or scale (i.e. crop) each of the photo to fit the square frame in any way you want. Tap on the photo you want to edit and then tap on the ‘Move and Scale’ icon (bottom-left screen) to do this.

Tap on the Next right-arrow icon when you are happy with your slide show.

Step 4

You are almost there. In this Create screen you can ‘preview‘ how your slide show will play. Just tap on the play button on the slide show.

Flipagram - Create Screen

But this is not the only thing you can do to your slide show in this screen. You can also:

  • Set your slide show to auto-time for Instagram: since Instagram only allows you to upload a maximum 15 seconds video, Flipagram can automatically change the timing of your slide show to match this (notice the time marker is changed when you do this). Basically it will divide how long each photo will appear evenly in the slide show, making it longer or shorter, to match the 15 seconds limitation. If you don’t set this option, Flipagram will set each photo to appear approximately 1 second, and there is no maximum time, you can add as many photo as you want.
Turn On Instagram Auto Time to set the slide show time to maximum 15 seconds

Turn On Instagram Auto Time to set the slide show time to maximum 15 seconds

  • Add Audio: Yes you can add sound to your slide show! Just tap on the + icon on the Audio section to add song from your Music Library. You can set where in the audio you want it to start playing by swiping left and right on the audio graph (it will appear when Flipagram finished loading it)
  • Add a Title: You can add a title to your slide show, which will be shown in the beginning and at the end. Type in your title on the text-box provided. You can even choose different font for your title.
You can choose alternative font for the Title

You can choose alternative font for the Title

  • Change the Watermark: by default Flipagram will add ‘Flipagram’ watermark on every slide show created using Flipagram. You can get rid off the watermark, but you have to pay for it :)

How to get rid off Flipagram Watermark

When you are happy with your slide show, tap on the ‘Check‘ icon to finalise the creation of the video.

Tap Yes if you are are ready

Tap Yes if you are are ready

Step 5


Your video slide show has now been created and saved in Flipagram’s own Lightbox.

You can now either save it to your camera roll and/or share it to the world!

Yup All Done!

Yup All Done!


Save, Email or Share

Save, Email or Share


Here is the resulting Slide Show that I created above:


If you have any question or comment about this tutorial please do not hesitate to write it in the comment below.

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