How to post portrait or landscape photos or videos on Instagram

As I wrote on my previous post, Instagram has finally given in and with the new version users are not limited any more to post photos in square format. As from today, Instagram allows users to post photos in either portrait or lansdscape orientation. In addition, users don't have to worry about 'cropping' their videos [...]

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5 Easy Steps to Create Photo Slide Show with your iPhone

Let's say you've been on a holiday, you had a smashing time and you took tons of pictures with your iPhone to prove to you did. Obviously now you would want to share the photos to your friends and colleagues who've been stuck in a sodding miserable weather in the meantime :) But you don't [...]

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Easy Steps to Create Mobile HDR Photo with Fotor HDR

Fotor HDR, as I explained on my previous post, is the long-awaited successor of probably the most favourite mobile HDR app - iCameraHDR. Despite of its ability to create a good Tone-Mapped HDR image, iCameraHDR was not exactly famous for its simplicity nor stability. Users often felt bewildered when faced with its complicated user interface [...]

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Fake Miniature Photos – How To Create Them Using TiltShiftGen 2

Tilt-Shift Photography is a special technique in mainstream photography that is usually used by Landscape or Architecture photographers. It's called Tilt-Shift because normally you would need to use a special Lens, a Tilt-Shift Lens to create the effect 'optically'. For our purpose, Tilt-Shift is often associated with the technique to simulate miniature faking or diorama [...]

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