Best Tempered Glass Screen Protector For Your Smartphones

Usually when you spend a small fortune on a smartphone, you want to make sure you protect your investment. You might buy a warranty, a protective case, and a screen protector.

There is nothing worse than a cracked touch screen. Screens can be costly to replace, for some phones it might even be better to get a new phone entirely. Screen protectors are an extra layer of safety from the world.

Difference Between Glass and Plastic Screen Protectors 

best tempered glass screen protector vs plastic screen protector

There are two different types of protectors, glass and plastic. Plastic tends to be on the cheaper side. They aren’t all that protective because the plastic sheet is thin.

Because of plastic’s thinness, glass protectors are preferred. They don’t scratch as easily as plastic does and they are thicker.

Glass also is smoother to use with a touch screen. Your fingers glide easier and the best tempered glass screen protector will feel like the original screen.

How We Chose Our Ratings

We wanted to pick the best tempered glass screen protector that would work for everyone. There are a lot of sites that will tell you which ones are the best but we went straight to the source—the people who bought them.

With the help of Amazon, we scanned through customer reviews to pick out the best of the best. There’s no better way to see what works than to ask the people who are using them.

Top 9 Best Tempered Glass Screen Protector

There are many different brands of screen protectors for a variety of phones. Amazon offers a lot of them, to the point that you can easily get overwhelmed. But we went through and picked out what works the best.

1. No products found.

No products found.

This is an extremely responsive screen protector due to embedded pixel grid technology. It has a 9H hardness rating meaning that it’s very hard to scratch because of its reinforced shatterproof construction.

It has edge to edge screen protection which is key for any smartphone safety. There’s nothing worse than when your edges get damaged because the protector didn’t cover the whole screen.

It comes with a screen guard, micro fiber cloth, dust remover, alcohol pad, drop-in alignment applicator to help get a bubble free installation. It costs $9.99 and comes in black and clear.

This screen guard has a 5-star rating and people say that it’s very tough. They appreciate getting a video on how to install the tempered glass, because it can get complicated otherwise. Some people appeared to have trouble installing the protector, accidentally creating cracks and chips.

Many people were happily surprised at how protective it was for the price.

2. No products found.

No products found.

With a 9H hardness rating, this protector is extremely scratch resistant. It has thin, very responsive glass, that should make using your touch screen a breeze.

It’s designed with people who use protective cases in mind. The protector is slightly smaller than the phone that way it doesn’t interfere with the case.

It comes in black and clear and includes the protector, 3 wet wipes, 3 dry wipes, and 3 dust absorbers. It’s $11.99 and has a 5-star rating.

Many people say that the guard is crystal clear and has protected their phones when they dropped them. It appears to be an easy install—many people have no bubbles or cracks.

Though in full transparency there are a handful of reviews that say they did not buy this product or make the review. They wonder if someone or even the company hacked their account. It’s hard say if this is true or not.

3. No products found.

No products found.

This protector is made with high quality tempered glass and is designed for an iPhone X. It has a light transmittance of up to 99% which makes for the perfect viewing experience. It also protects against sweat and oil residue from fingerprints.

They offer a 20-day refund and you have a year to get a replacement for free if you need to. It costs $7.99 and only comes in clear.

It has a 5-star rating, people appreciate how easy it is to put on. There were no cracks or annoying bubbles. Many people also report that it holds up well, protection wise, even after a few times of dropping their phone.

4. No products found.

No products found.

This is another great deal because this product comes with 2 screen protectors instead of 1. You either can either have a backup if you mess up on the installation the first time, or you have one for later on after you scratch the first protector.

It has edge to edge protection, but it still works with any phone case so you can have full phone coverage. The coating on the glass helps with sweat and oil residue from fingerprints. It has a 9H hardness score which prevents scratches from keys, falls, and day to day wear.

You can buy this product for $10.99 and it comes with the 2 protectors, wet and dry wipes, dust removal sticker, micro fiber cleaning cloth, and a guide on how to put the protector on your phone.

It has a 5-star rating for how easy it is to apply and how strong the tempered glass is. There are a few reviews that say the sides of the protector aren’t very responsive. This could make typing difficult.

5. No products found.

No products found.

This is another value deal, because you get 3 protectors for only $5.95. It can protect from scratches and drops and has a 99.99% HD clarity and touchscreen accuracy. There is also a lifetime replacement warranty.

The company does admit that the protector doesn’t cover the entire screen because the iPhone has curved edges. To cover the whole thing would make it so that the protector would peel up to the consumer’s annoyance. They suggest getting a phone cover, as well, to have complete safety.

The protection kit includes the protectors, instructions, scratching card, cleaning cloth, dust collector, and removing tape.

 This product has a 4-star rating, people like the price and the fact that there is 3 of them. They also say that these protectors are durable.

There are some reviews that claim that the process to get the protector on is difficult, leading to bubbles and scratches. This could possibly be a user error, because there are other reviews that say they had no problem getting it on their phone.

6. No products found.

No products found.

99.9% transparency. This will make looking at your screen as if there was no protector at all.

It has a 9H Hardness Level and has a special coating to resist sweat and fingerprints. It comes with 2 glass protectors, wet and dry wipes, squeeze card, a user guide, and dust removal stickers.

You can get this product for $7.99 and it has a 4-star rating. One reviewer said she had dropped her brand new phone screen down and accidently stepped on it, and the only thing that broke was the protector itself. The original screen was fine.

This is a great cover because it can be used on a variety of iPhones. It has high definition and 

Reviewers also liked how the tools the kit came with actually helped them put the protector on properly. Some people said that it didn’t cover their whole screen or that it created a halo effect around the edges.

7. No products found.

No products found.

This product has an ultra-smooth surface so your finger should glide across the screen easily. It keeps the original screen’s high definition images and touch response.

It has a 9H hardness level which makes it scratch resistant and durable during falls. There is also a special coating to keep skin oil and sweat away or easy to clean from your phone.

It costs $7.99 and has 4-star review. Many people claim that this screen protector has saved their phone on more than one occasion. There have also been many comments about how dust resistant it is.

Some people feel that it doesn’t cover the entire screen well, and there have been some complaints about it peeling up. Many people are frustrated because there are no instructions that came with the product.

8. No products found.

No products found.

This is made of thick high premium tempered glass with rounded edges. It’s highly responsive and easy to look through. It’s also resistant to dust, fingerprints, and oil.

The product includes the 2 protectors, a cleaning cloth, guide stick, dust removal stick, instructions, and a life time warranty card. It costs $6.99 and has a 4-star rating. The good aspects of this product are that it comes with easy to understand instructions, it’s not difficult to put on your phone, and that it does its job well.

There are some complaints that the glue isn’t strong enough and there are peeling edges.

Some reviewers have said that the tempered glass didn’t protect their phone at all, but it’s hard to say what happened exactly. Many didn’t describe the whole event.

9. No products found.

No products found.

This shield kit comes with 2 protectors that have bubble free adhesives on them. That should create an easy installation. It has 9H Hardness level and has HD Clarity.

It’s only $4.99 and has a 4-star rating. The highlights of the product are its easy install, it feels smooth to the touch, and it does its job.

Some not great aspects are that there are some claims that phones screens managed to crack under the protector. There are also complaints about the edges not sticking well.

No products found.

Buyer’s Guide

Like anything else, make sure you read the reviews of products. Whether it’s the ones we listed above or one that you found yourself, reviews are the best way to know a product’s worth. Make sure that the reviews are about that specific product.

We did run into a few reviews that didn’t match the product we were looking at. We aren’t sure how some companies are getting away with it because Amazon takes its reviews seriously, but it would be easy to get fooled if you aren’t careful.

Is the Best Tempered Glass Screen Protector Worth the Price?

Yes, the plastic ones are cheaper at first, but in the long run, it’s probably the glass ones that are worth your money.

If they can stop you from spending hundreds of dollars on a new screen or phone, isn’t the extra few dollars worth it?

No products found.

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