The 2014 EyeEm Festival & Awards

EyeEm Awards 2014 – Possibly the biggest mobile-based Photography Awards this year

EyeEm has established itself as a worthy contender to the mighty Instagram for the past few years. While others had either bitten the dust, created other apps, or just simply been playing catchup; EyeEm is still true to it's core offering, which is a place where photographers (how ever you shoot your photo with) can share their works on the internet. Not that EyeEm had been stagnant. On the contrary, it had completely 'refurbished' its iOS app and just last month relaunched its Android app. … [Read More...]

Seagate Wireless Plus - Bring The Cloud Along With You

Go Truly Mobile and bring the Cloud With You!

When I started to write my last review on Kingston's Wi-Drive, I had no idea what 'a can of worm' I had accidentally opened. After I finished the review I did a little bit more research about this very cool type of mobile gear, i.e. the Portable Wireless Storage. It turned out that Kingston was not the only one who had been busy creating this type of device, in fact a quick search on Amazon using keyword 'Portable Wireless Storage' will show you a list of 'house-hold' names in storage … [Read More...]

A Short Guide To Cloud Storage for Mobile Photographers

A Short Guide to Cloud Storage for Mobile Photographers

What's the worst thing that could happen to you as a photographer? If you say it's loosing your photos, you are absolutely right! If you have been in this situation you would know how it feels. If you haven't, I really wouldn't want this happen to you, because I can tell you the feeling is the same if not worst than if you've just lost your dog (or cat or what ever you consider dearest). So, what's the most sensible thing to do to preserve your most preciousszz possessions and to prevent this … [Read More...]

Adobe Creative Cloud for Photographers is back for good

Adobe Creative Cloud for Photographer is back for good

  3 months ago I wrote about this cool deal that Adobe had especially created for Photographers. The deal was, for less the $10 a month you will get the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription for Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Lightroom 5. This … [Read More...]

CoraCase - iPhone 5/5s Case with Note-Taking Function

Never Forget a Pen and Paper with CoraCase for iPhone 5/5s

I must admit, the first time I saw this case, I said to myself, nobody would ever buy this! But as a reviewer I'm always trying to have an open mind and to give the benefit of the doubt. So when the case finally came through the door, I gave it them … [Read More...]

Kingston Wi-Drive - Mobile Storage for Mobile Photographers

Kingston Wi-Drive – Mobile Wireless Storage for Mobile Photographers

As a mobile photographer I have one big dilemma, and I suspect that many of you do too. The problem is I tend to keep the photos I've shot, an awfully lot of them, in my iPhone's memory. I do clear some of them out from time to time after the regular … [Read More...]

DCKina Microscope Conversion Lens and Fisheye-Macro Kit for iPhone 5/5s

Microscope Conversion Lens and Fisheye – Macro Combo Kit for iPhone by DCKina

From all of iDevice accessories vendors, whose products I've reviewed, so far I found DCKina is one company that has most diversity and range in its product offerings, from Conversion Lenses to Tripods, and from Card Readers to Cleaning Kits. It … [Read More...]

iOS8 provides Manual Camera Controls

iOS 8 Provides SLR-like Manual Camera Controls

Apple WWDC 2014 is finishing today and as I wrote earlier there were a lot of exciting new things being unveiled during the Keynote Speech at the start of the conference. On that post I have detailed some of the cool things Apple presented, … [Read More...]

iOS8 - What's in store for Mobile Photographer

iOS 8 – What’s in Store for Mobile Photographers

Yesterday, 2nd June 2014, the annual WWDC 2014 began. The Apple event especially caters for the developers was at its 25th year, and as usual it was opened with a Keynote Speech. This year Keynote Speech was for me one of the coolest one in a long … [Read More...]

Instagram brings a Full Photo Editing Suite with the new version

Instagram brings a Full Photo Editing Suite in the new version

I must confess, that as far as Instagram concerns I am only using it as a sharing tool. I don't remember when the last time I used their filter or the limited editing tools. I've since long resorted to use other, more powerful third-party app to do … [Read More...]

SKRWT - Precision Perspective and Barrel Distortion

SKRWT With Perspective and Barrel Distortion

SKRWT is one of those apps which you don't know you need it until somebody point it out to you.  The app does a few specific things and does them very well.  It will fix your photos from something that is called, according Mathäus Jagielski the app's … [Read More...]

Fragment - Add Unique Prismatic Elements to your Photos

Add Unique Prismatic Glass-Like Elements to your Photos with Fragment

In this world of overwhelming number of mobile photo apps, you need to have either an original idea or a unique feature to offer to your potential users.  This original and unique offering could be something like creating watercolour sketches or … [Read More...]

SmartPhocus a one-man-band movie-making kit for your iPhone

Smart Phocus a One-Man-Band Movie-Making Kit for your iPhone

  I've been reviewing a few iPhone lens kit in this blog, but this it the first time I came across an iPhone Case/Lens Kit combo that was design especially with Video in mind. The gear is called Smart Phocus and it's basically a … [Read More...]