How to download and store iPhone Photos from My Photo Stream to your PC or Mac

How to download and store iPhone Photos from My Photo Stream to your PC or Mac

There is one positive upsides that came from the recent ‘incident’ of celebrities iCloud account got hacked, that deleting your photos from your Camera Roll doesn’t mean that they have disappeared from the internet. There is still a chance (if you turn on this option) that they are still lingering inside Photo Stream, an iOS […]

OneDrive 15GB Mobile Upload for a Total of 30GB Free Storage

How to get 30GB FREE Cloud Storage for your Mobile Device with OneDrive

If you’ve never heard about OneDrive, you might not be the only one. It used to be called SkyDrive, a cloud storage service owned by no less than Microsoft himself. Microsoft has been following very closely what’s been happening in the mobile world. And in light of people complaining that they didn’t have enough free […]

Where Camera Roll Had Gone In iOS8?

Where Camera Roll had gone and How Can I get it back in iOS 8?

Did you upgrade to iOS 8 and found out ‘with horror’ that your Camera Roll had gone AWOL and all your photos suddenly disappeared?! Yeah … me too! Well first thing first … Don’t panic! Your photos are safe and didn’t go MIA, they are just not where you expected they should be. So what’s […]

Comparison Table of Apple iPhone 6/6 Plus Pay Monthly Tariff for all UK Network Providers

Comparison Table of iPhone 6/6 Plus Pay Monthly Tariff for All UK Providers

Last week Apple announced its latest generation of its mobile phone, the iPhone 6 and it’s bigger brother iPhone 6 Plus. In the UK, pre-order for iPhone 6/6 Plus was opened on the September 12th, and ALL major UK Mobile Network providers are on-board and ready with their respected offerings. Either you are a long-time […]

TaskOne G3 'Swiss Army' Multi-Tool iPhone Case

TaskOne G3 – a Swiss-Army Multi-Tool iPhone Case

There had been a few mobile accessories vendor that had attempted to create a multi-tool type of iPhone case, a Swiss-Army knife for your mobile, if you like. I suppose this is not at all surprising since we have our phone with us every where we go, why not bring these tools along with it […]

Apple Offers Battery Replacement Program for iPhone 5

Apple offers FREE Battery Replacement Program for Eligible iPhone 5

Today is a happy day for me! Because apart from the fact that today is Friday (TGIF!), I've also been blessed by none other than the Apple gods! What am I talking about? Well here is the thing. I came across some news about something that to me is so … [Read More...]

How to delete Photos and Videos from iCloud Permanently!

How to delete all your photos and videos from iCloud Permanently!

By now you must know the big news about several Apple iCloud accounts that belong to some celebrities which were being hacked. The hackers managed to run away with some apparently 'you-know-what' photos of these famous female celebrities. The world … [Read More...]


iPhone 6 – How is it going to look like?

With the usual feeling of euphoria in anticipation of the Apple's event on the 9th of September, much had been said about the latest generation of the iPhone, the iPhone 6. Many had also been creating mock-ups, from total artist imagination to … [Read More...]

ProCamera 7 got Volume Trigger back

ProCamera 7 got the Volume Trigger back!

As I've written many times in this blog, ProCamera 7 is simply one of the best Camera Replacement apps in the App Store right now. It's every passionate mobile photographers should have. I used it exclusively for my shots, and so do many mobile … [Read More...]


Instagram Revolutionises Mobile Video Creation with the new Hyperlapse app

There is no doubt that Instagram had been single-handedly revolutionised mobile photography since its inception back at 2010. It did this by making it easy to 'share' photos we took with our already ubiquitous mobile phone to our friends and … [Read More...]

LaCie Fuel - Massively Mobile Wireless Storage

LaCie Fuel: Massively Mobile Wireless Storage [MoWS]

LaCie Fuel is following the trend of Hard Drive and Memory vendors to built what I think is one of the coolest mobile gear ever. That is,  a portable, self-powered, WiFi-enabled external storage device, basically your own personal cloud storage that … [Read More...]

The 2014 EyeEm Festival & Awards

EyeEm Awards 2014 – Possibly the biggest mobile-based Photography Awards this year

EyeEm has established itself as a worthy contender to the mighty Instagram for the past few years. While others had either bitten the dust, created other apps, or just simply been playing catchup; EyeEm is still true to it's core offering, which is a … [Read More...]

Seagate Wireless Plus - Bring The Cloud Along With You

Go Truly Mobile and bring the Cloud With You!

When I started to write my last review on Kingston's Wi-Drive, I had no idea what 'a can of worm' I had accidentally opened. After I finished the review I did a little bit more research about this very cool type of mobile gear, i.e. the Portable … [Read More...]

A Short Guide To Cloud Storage for Mobile Photographers

A Short Guide to Cloud Storage for Mobile Photographers

What's the worst thing that could happen to you as a photographer? If you say it's loosing your photos, you are absolutely right! If you have been in this situation you would know how it feels. If you haven't, I really wouldn't want this happen to … [Read More...]

Adobe Creative Cloud for Photographers is back for good

Adobe Creative Cloud for Photographer is back for good

  3 months ago I wrote about this cool deal that Adobe had especially created for Photographers. The deal was, for less the $10 a month you will get the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription for Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Lightroom 5. This … [Read More...]