Here is a thought, you carry your mobile where ever you go, so why couldn’t you carry the charger cable along with it too. If your level of usage is as high as me, I can bet that you charge your mobile more than twice a day. In fact I have a habit to charge mine whenever I see a free USB slot, just in case.

This habit is even worse if you are a Mobile Photographer! Taking photos, editing them and checking photo sharing network almost constantly are a major battery drain. Lately my iPhone 5 battery would go down faster then I could say Instagram when I am out and about taking photos. It’s a nightmare (yes yes I know about the battery box).

Nomad has offered one solution for this problem with the ChargeCard! One interesting fact about the ChargeCard is that it is yet another ‘alumni‘ of the Kickstarter project. It’s really great to see so many mobile photography cool products started its life as a dream project at this Crowd-Funding platform. Other Kickstarter products that I have reviewed before in this blog were the Glif and the Olloclip.

Nomad ChargeCard is basically a mobile charger cable that is shaped like a credit card. As a matter of fact it’s a tad shorter than an average credit card, though obviously it’s thicker (as thick as 2 credit card stacked on top of each other). Despite of this, I can tell you that it does fit inside my (men) wallet.  The card is made from a high-grade plastic and feels rubbery.  The top edge (if you see the image above) is tapered, I’m guessing to make it easier to slide inside a wallet pouch.

At one end of the card is the plug for your mobile devices. You can get a ChargeCard for your iPhone 5/5c/5s Lightning connection, for your iPhone 4/4s 30-pin plug, or other devices Micro USB connection.

In the middle of the Charge Card, tucked in neatly, is the flexible USB cable connection which you can plug to virtually any USB plug you can find, including laptops, TV set, battery boxes and of course the standard electric charger.  It allows you to charge AND synch too (many cheap cables only allow you to charge).

The USB cable is quite flexible you can bend and twist it as much as you like to accommodate any charging position.

Final Verdict

The name Nomad seems to refer to some people’s way of living where they move around a lot.  In ChargeCard’s case I guess it refers to its extreme portability, just slip it inside your wallet and forget about it. Now, for some reason I think the ChargeCard is even better-suited for women as they normally carry a bigger purse or even a bigger bag then men do.

Convenience is Priceless!

The Nomad ChargeCard costs $25 each and you get a free shipping worldwide if you buy 2 or more of them.  You can also get 20% Off the above price if you go here.

Or, here is one thing I’ve never seen it done before, you can apparently ‘barter‘ the ChargeCard with what ever you fancy to exchange 🙂  Just click on the Barter button and fill in the box, the Nomad team will determine whether the barter is fair.  I found it strange but in a way cool 🙂

For even more portability, you might want to try Nomad’s other cool product, the ChargeKey!

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