Revi Charger - The Thinnest External Battery Pack for Mobile Devices

What’s one of the most annoying thing that could happen to a mobile photographer? Yes, it’s loosing power in the middle of an important shot! In fact I’ve been having this freaking episode too many times with my iPhone 5 already for a few months now. More often than not, the phone died even when the charge was still above 20%, and it wouldn’t restart until I plugged it to charge! Needless to say, it’s been very annoying.

The solution is of course pretty obvious, apart from keeping my iPhone constantly charge (which probably doesn’t help the battery’s life), I simply need to get myself an external battery pack. The question is which one.

A quick search in Amazon for ‘External Battery Pack’ gave me about 700 results! With so many to choose from, a product would need a really unique value proposition to stand out from the crowd, and Revi Charger gives you a couple of these.

Check out this 007 style clip to see what I mean.

The Thinnest External Battery Pack

The Revi Charger is probably the smallest external battery pack you can get. It comes in 2 sizes, the smallest one measures at the same size as just about any standard credit card and has a thickness of less than 3 credit cards stacked together (2.5mm). You can easily carry it in your wallet.

Revi Charger

The bigger one is 4.5mm thicker than it’s sibling but it still has the size of credit card.

This feat of engineering do come with a price though. Namely the small battery capacity. The smaller size has 550mAh battery capacity, whilst the bigger one has 1440mAh. An iPhone 5 battery has 1440mAh capacity, while an iPhone 5s has about 100mAh more.


This means, if you choose to get the thinner Revi Charger, you won’t get a full charge with it, in fact it would be only about less than 30% the full charge. As for the thicker Revi Charger, even though it says 1440mAh on paper, in practice you would still get less than a full charge.

I guess there’s gotta be a trade there somewhere.

The good thing is, you won’t have to wait hours and hours to get the Revi Charger to fully charged like you would if you were taking a bigger capacity battery pack.


See also: Nomad ChargeCard – Smartphone charger cable the size of credit card.


Charge and Sync

As well as working as a backup battery pack, the Revi Charge also works as a charger cable. You can in fact charge your smartphone and at the battery pack at the same time. The cable seems to be made in a flexible material so you can bend it here and there. Finally, the cable will also allow you to sync your data to your computer.



See also: Nomad ChargeKey – probably the smallest charger cable for smartphone.


Final Verdict

Mobile photography is about taking picture where ever and when ever you are, consequently having enough ‘juice’ in our smartphone is very important. The Revi Charger can work quiet nicely to be an emergency battery pack and will help you to get those few shots you need to take before you can get near any charging station.

Unfortunately something’s got to give, for this maximum portability you will need to give up battery capacity. The Revi Charger will not be suitable to power a long session of photo shooting. For longer power you will need to find your solution elsewhere.

On the other hand, I wish I had Revi Charger on those times when my iPhone 5 played up and refuse to restart even when it should’ve had enough power. Having had Revi Charger would’ve gotten me through those few important shots.

You can start to pre-order Revi Charger now. They have the Lightning connection (for iPhone 5/5c/5s) and the Micro USB connection (for other Smartphones) varieties to choose from. The small 550mAh would cost you $25 while the 1440mAh one would set you back at $30.

Revi Charger