Brushstroke 2.0 brought more styles and colours to the canvas


Brushstroke 2.0 brings more styles and colours to canvasses

If you haven’t got Brushstroke, you should. Not only because for a limited time, you can get it for FREE, but also because this app is your ‘ticket’ to be a digital ‘Picasso’! Well, maybe not up to the calibre of ‘Monalisa’, but with Brushstroke you really can transform your photo into a beautiful ‘digital’ painting, in seconds!

Brushstroke 2.0 brings more styles and colours to canvasses

For an introduction of what Brushstroke can do for you, please read my original Brushstroke review. When you are done, or if you’ve read it already before, let’s check out what the new version of Brushstroke has given us.

New Styles

For a start, Brushstroke 2.0 has added in total 35 new painting styles, 20 new colour palettes and 6 new canvases! Together they will satisfy the thirst of even the most creative mind.

Brushstroke 2.0 brings more styles and colours to canvasses

The new painting styles consist of 4 new categories: Oil, Natural, Gloss, Lead, Prominent and Experimental; as well as a couple of additional styles for some of the original categories.

From the new categories I particularly like the Experimental styles. They can really transform your photos into an ‘out of this world’ painting!

Brushstroke 2.0 brings more styles and colours to canvasses


Check out the full samples I’ve created below:


Brushtroke team started to get bolder with their new colour palettes. You can really end up with a totally different colour spectrum using one of these palletes. Your eyes will get spoiled.

Last but not least are the new canvases. I have to say, I’m not a big fan of canvases, simply because they don’t seem to lend much in term of picture transformation. The changes are very subtle and most of them don’t seem to differ. Only a couple of specific ones I can see that make obvious impact. But then again it could be just my eyes that are not ‘sensitive’ enough to see the difference. Your experience might differ.

Brushstroke 2.0 brings more styles and colours to canvasses

More Adjustment

Another new feature that the new version brought us is the new adjustment. Previously you could only adjust the intensity of the editing tools (Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, etc.).

In Brushstroke 2.0, you can do the same with the painting style’s detail and the palette’s colour! Just like the editing tools, you do the adjustment by swiping left or right on the photo. This type of granular adjustment will give you the ability to fine tune your edit to satisfy the result you want from your style and palette combination.

Crop it!

Yes, you can now crop your photo before start editing it. Brushstroke also provides your with several preset crop factor to make the task quicker.

Crop with factor preset

Crop with factor preset


Bigger signature

One unique feature of Brushstroke is the ability to ‘stamp’ your ‘painting’ with your own custom signature. The new version has added the functionality to adjust the size of the signature (previously you get only one size). It’s a nice little change.

Adjust signature size

Adjust signature size

Brushstroke 2.0 brings more styles and colours to canvasses

New Illustration Pack

Finally, coincided with the Free Promotion deal (get it now before the price goes up), Brushstroke also released a new Illustration Pack. This pack includes 28 styles, 20 color palettes, and 12 new canvases! The only thing is that it’s not free, you have to pay for them via in-app purchase for £0.69. But the good news is that you can try them first and see how they look like with your photo before you decide to buy.

Final Verdict

It’s really simple, if you want almost unlimited way to turn your photo into a beautiful painting there is not many app in the market that can do it. And Brushstroke is ranked at the top. As the app is now FREE for a limited time, there is no excuse for you not to get it!

Brushstroke 2.0 brings more styles and colours to canvasses

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