If you haven’t got Brushstroke, you should. Not only because for a limited time, you can get it for FREE, but also because this app is your ‘ticket’ to be a digital ‘Picasso’! Well, maybe not up to the calibre of ‘Monalisa’, but with Brushstroke you really can transform your photo into a beautiful ‘digital’ painting, in seconds!

For an introduction of what Brushstroke can do for you, please read my original Brushstroke review. When you are done, or if you’ve read it already before, let’s check out what the new version of Brushstroke has given us.

New Styles

For a start, Brushstroke 2.0 has added in total 35 new painting styles, 20 new colour palettes and 6 new canvases! Together they will satisfy the thirst of even the most creative mind.

The new painting styles consist of 4 new categories: Oil, Natural, Gloss, Lead, Prominent and Experimental; as well as a couple of additional styles for some of the original categories.

From the new categories I particularly like the Experimental styles. They can really transform your photos into an ‘out of this world’ painting!

Brushstroke 2.0 brings more styles and colours to canvasses


Check out the full samples I’ve created below:


Brushtroke team started to get bolder with their new colour palettes. You can really end up with a totally different colour spectrum using one of these palletes. Your eyes will get spoiled.