How To Edit Or Delete Your Instagram Profile on The Web

Yes, it’s true that we can edit our Instagram Profile (Name, Username, Bio, etc) via the mobile app, but sometimes we just have a browser in front of us and want to make a quick edit to our bio. Besides, the Web Profile Editor is the only place where we can reset our password, manage third party applications or delete our account.

To edit your Instagram Profile on the web you can visit the edit account page at Instagram. The link is also can be found at the bottom of main website (click on the ‘Your Account‘ link). You must go through the login page first before you can be allowed to edit your profile (obviously).
Once you passed the security check, you will be presented with the edit page. The menu bar on the left will give you access to various section of the page accordingly.

Instagram - Edit Profile Page


The main Profile Editor page also has a link to Account Deletion page underneath.

Instagram - Delete Account


On the Change Password page you will see the usual form to change your old password to a new one.

Instagram Profile Editor - Change-Password


On the Manage Applications you will see the list of all Third-Party Applications that you have been allowed access to your Instagram Account. It’s probably prudent to check this list and Revoke Access to any application that you don’t need anymore, especially if you see one that you haven’t recognised and don’t recall giving access. These rogues apps might be the cause of strange things that have been happening to your account, also know as the spams.

Instagram Profile Editor - Manage Apps

Badges menu is where you can choose and get the code for your profile’s web badge which you can copy and paste to your own website or blog. More on this topic in a later post.

Instagram Profile Editor - Badges


The only thing that you cannot do in this Profile Editor is the ability to change or Profile Avatar Picture, which can only be done via the Mobile App.

Once again, it’s not everyday that we would visit this page, but there is no harm to know where it is just in case we need it.


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