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  • How to Peek in Instagram without iPhone 6s

How to do ‘Peek and Pop’ in Instagram if you don’t have the iPhone 6s

I found a cool Instagram update today. Do you remember 'Peek and Pop'? This feature is part of the 3D Touch functionality I had mentioned in my post about new features mobile photographer gets with [...]

Instagram has finally given in and allows posting of portrait and landscape photos

I was literally shocked when I heard this news. I've never ever thought that this time could actually come! Today will go down in Instagram history, an important milestone to mark an important turning point [...]

  • The Death of Instagram Bots

The Last Dying Breath of Instagram Bots

You've probably experienced this yourself. Just after you posted your awesome selfie on to your Instagram account, you immediately either got a bunch of likes, found some nice comments or had some people followed you [...]

  • How to Clear Instagram Search History

How to Clear Instagram Search History

As an Instagram power user you probably use the search feature practically on daily basis.  Instagram search is quite a powerful tool that lets you not only to find people or tags but also places [...]

  • How To Direct Message or Group Chat in Instagram

How to send direct message or create a group chat in Instagram the new way

This month is an upgrade month for Instagram, they seem to release one after another. So, after a big change of heart to allow posting photos in landscape or portrait mode, this time is the [...]

  • How to avoid getting banned or blocked by Instagram

How to avoid getting banned, blocked or disabled by Instagram

  TL;DR: If you are already in the 'dog house' go scroll down to find some actions you can try to speed up the process of reinstating your account. Welcome to the new Instagram! This [...]

  • Supercharge your Instagram Experience with InstaGrab

Supercharge your Instagram experience with InstaGrab

Are you getting tired of Instagram seemingly persistent attitude against adding features to the app? Well thankfully somebody had the same feeling and decided to do something about it! Say Hello to InstaGrab! InstaGrab will [...]

  • Help! My Instagram got Hacked!

Help! My Instagram got Hacked!

No matter how careful we are, sometimes somehow we just manage to let our guard down and accidentally allow some insidious 'element' take control of our online asset. Instagram, being a very 'visual' online media, [...]

Windows Phone Users Rejoice! Full Experience Instagram App Is Here!

Many people in the Windows Phone community had been so baffled with the lack of interest from Instagram team to build an Instagram app for Windows Phone. Sure, every time people ask the question to Kevin [...]

New Instagram Brand Guidelines Will Screw Most Insta Apps

Don't you love a company who turns on the people who has helped them to achieve what they've got right now?! Well, Instagram had done it once to its users, and now they've done it [...]