Here is ‘probably‘ someone hasn’t thought about it before … an environmentally friendly picture frame made of 100% recycled cardboard! That’s what a ‘Tonki‘ is 🙂 And the cool folks at are making it.
I asked them to say a little bit about themselves and about this litte invention they have, and here are what they’ve said:

Someone once said that the task is to think what nobody yet has thought about that which everybody sees. With the idea of creating a painting salable at distance and ready to be hung upon arrival at the customer’s home, a boy from Brescia take a piece of cardboard and begins to bend. The result is surprising: a medium-sized square, fully recyclable, perfect frame for any type of content. You know that sunset in Zanzibar, the school trip to Amsterdam and the beach party? Here’s Tonki, a simple and completely ecological way to always keep before the eyes those moments, those memories, those emotions.

Tonki stands for ecology, for simplicity, for handmade.
Tonki stands for something unforgettable.
What do you stand for?

The Frame itself is simple but pretty ingenious, your photo (you can use your Instagram photo or you can simply upload it from your computer) is printed directly onto the cardboard. The whole frame is made of one piece of cardboard which then you assemble it, origami style, to create the frame, which includes a double kick-stand and a hole for choice of presentation (on your desk or on the wall).

One Tonki will cost you 9.99 Euro with a 10 Euro worldwide shipping cost. Though if you order 2 Tonkis and put the Discount Code ‘love’ you will get 20% off the price 🙂 Or better still if you want a free one, you can participate in our #SayItWithPicture Photo Challenge!

Still looking for those Valentine’s Day present? I think this is perfect, and also you will help the environment at the same time, and that’s cool!

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