As far as personalisation concerns, the so-called smartphones accessories market doesn’t really give us much choices these days, especially if I compare it to the ‘hand-phones’ heyday of the 90’s. Back then you can buy all sort of accessories for your Nokias or Ericcssons or Motorolas. From changing the whole cover along with the keypad to attaching all sort of ‘useless’ but addictive ‘appendages’ you can dangle off the handset. In short, you could personalise your phone to your heart content; so unique that no one in the world would have had the same phone that looked like yours! These days the best you can do is probably putting a skin on your phone or order a custom case.

So imagine my delight when I saw ToddyGear’s Home Button for iPhone!

What is ToddyGear’s Home Button

It’s basically a ‘bumpy’ sticker (that’s what I call them anyway) for your iPhone’s Home button. Each set of ToddyGear’s Home button set includes 7 ‘bumpy’ stickers with really cool pictures or artistic illustrations.

The button is made of clear plastic. It’s rounded shape exactly the size of the Home button with one ‘bumpy‘ side and flat on the other. The flat side has a a pretty strong adhesive, this is the side to stick to the Home button.

It’s very easy to apply, just peel the button from sheet (like sticker) and stick it on top of the Home button.

The result after you stick the button on is one really cool and unique iPhone, nothing like you’ve seen before!

ToddyGear Home Button 'Bumpy Sticker' for iPhone

ToddyGear Home Button on iPhone 5

And because of the bumpy surface, the Home button is now easier to click then before, increasing our usability.

ToddyGear Home Button 'Bumpy Sticker' for iPhone

ToddyGear HomeButton on iPhone 4

The only drawback is because the adhesive is so strong, it’s not very easy to take it off. Basically when you take it off you pretty much ruin it and no chance to re-use it again (at least in my experience).

So practically you can only use one button for one application only.

Final Verdict

I really love the look AND the feel when I have ToddyGear’s Home button on my iPhone. It makes it unique and different compares to the usual colour of the phone.

It makes it ‘personal’.

As an added bonus, it feels nice when you click on it, the button feels more responsive than normal.

ToddyGear Home Button 'Bumpy Sticker' for iPhone

It feels ‘Personal’

The only reservation is that they can only be used once. Also it would only work for iPhone 4, 4s and 5.

Apart from these, I really recommend them!
One set of 7 ToddyGear Home buttons cost $7.99 and they have 3 sets to choose from; the EyeCandy, the Cross Roads and the My Turn set.

By the way, Home button is not only Toddy Gear products, they also have SmartCloth and Pocket Toddy (Premium Microfibre cloth), The Wedge (Mobile Device stand with colourful designs), and more.

Just visit their website to see more of their products.


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