Toddy Gear is a company that specializes in creating novelty mobile accessories. Some of their products, like the Home Buttons I’ve reviewed in the past, could be considered to be just pretty gimmicks, though as you can read on my post they can be quite useful.

ToddyGear Smart Cloth

Another product that Toddy Gear creates is the Smart Cloth. These are a piece of cleaning cloth that is made from premium microfibre. You often get a microfibre cloth when you get yourself a pair of high-end glasses.

They are the best way to get rid off dirt, dust and smudges from the screen of your gadget; from smartphones, tablets, LCD screens, camera lenses, to eye-wears; without the aid of any liquid spray or the risk of scratching the gadgets.

One special thing that sets Toddy Gear Smart Cloth apart from other standard microfibres is its dual-sided design. One side is the microfibre side while the other side sports a silky material with various design patterns printed on it. This silky side can be used to polish your gadget surface after you clean it with the microfibre side.

It has also something called antimicrobial coating which allegedly can prevent the build up of mould and mildew. And by the way they are easy to clean as well, which means it has a high re-usability value.

Individual Smart Cloth costs $9.99, or $5.99 for some Sale items. You can check them out on this page.

ToddyGear The Wedge – the beanbag for your Smartphone

The Wedge is basically a ‘kickstand‘ for your mobile devices, but unlike you’ve ever seen before. The closest thing I could describe it is it’s the ‘beanbag‘ for Smartphone ūüôā

Like the Smart Cloth, the Wedge is also lined with the same silky material adorned with beautiful design patterns. The bottom part of the Wedge has microfibre lining so you can wipe the dust and dirt from your smartphone.

The Wedge is big enough to support mobile devices as big as the iPhone 6. In fact I have it permanently on my desk to prop my iPhone 6+ so I don’t have to risk any scratches if I lay it on the desk on its own.

It is also pretty easy to use. There is no need to play around with some kind of contraption that normally comes with a phone kickstand. You just put your phone on it and that’s it. It’s simple.

I also love the variety of design patterns that we can choose from. These patterns make the Wedge less technical or industrial and more homey alongside your colour-matched sitting room.

The Wedge costs $14.99 and you can choose from a selection of designs in this page.

The Tech Packs

If you love both Smart Cloth and the Wedge, you get both and more in one package called the Tech Packs. For example the one I’ve got here which is called RSVP Tech Pack.

Included in this design coordinated pack are 1 Wedge, 2 Smart Cloths – one big one and a smaller one. The pack comes with a Gift Pouch where you can store the items.

There are other set of packs however. For example the Boost pack. This one includes a 2200 mAH Power Bank (enough for at least one full charge), a USB to micro-USB charging cable (no Lightning cable sadly) and a design matching carrying pouch. If you want to Smart Cloth as well you can get the Boost+ pack.

You can check what Toddy Gear has on offer for the Tech Packs here. The cost ranges from $14.99 up to $44.99.

Final Thought

Toddy Gear has managed to combine function and fashion with its range of products. The made in USA products are very specific in what they do but they do it very well. The vibrant design pattern reminds me of the days when handphones personalisation were the rage. The price points they are offering are a tad expensive for my liking but you do get what you are paying for, i.e. high quality and cool design.

All in all, they can be a really cool Holiday gift, if you are still looking and don’t know what to get for your loved ones. So, have a look what Toddy Gear has to offer, I’m sure you can find something for anybody.

By the way, if you are own a business and want to personalise any of Toddy Gear product with your brand, you can do that by visiting the following page.

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