You haven’t heard about Pokemon Go? Well you are in for ride. The mobile game craze has been so popular that it became the most downloaded app in the iOS app store, ever! The point of the game is for the player to go walk around everywhere trying to catch little Pokemon creature with their mobile phone. It’s a fun game and encourage you to go outside and do some exercise.

There is just one downside of it, and that is that the game leeches so much of your mobile battery power that would shame count dracula. A few minutes walking around catching some Pokemons will sap more power quicker than you can say ‘Pikachu‘!

One way to keep your mobile alive is to carry a spare battery pack to keep your mobile charge. The problem with portable battery pack is they are usually big and heavy. You also need to run charger cable between the battery and your mobile, it’s not very convenient.

Well, not if you have one of these ThinkCharge cases come battery pack made by Chargetech!

Thincharge - great battery case for iPhone 6/6s

Chargetech claims that Thinkcharge, which was initially funded on Indiegogo, is the thinnest and lightest battery case ever made for the iPhone. They are not exaggerating. The Thinkcharge is indeed very light and pretty thin for a case that can fill up your battery twice over.

Thincharge - great battery case for iPhone 6/6s

Protective Case

The Thinkcharge is a full-fledged protective iPhone case. The top part of the case opens so you can slide your iPhone inside. There is a lightning socket at the bottom of the case which will plug right into the iPhone’s lightning socket. This ensure that your iPhone will get its charge when ever it needs it. No more charging cable!

Thincharge - great battery case for iPhone 6/6s

Thincharge - great battery case for iPhone 6/6s


The case itself is made of a hard plastic that feels pretty tough with reinforced corners. It will give an adequate protection to your handset from bumps and scratches to the backside.

I like it as well that the material surface is soft and non-slippery. It gives a firmer grip especially when I need to take photos, which I do a lot.

Thincharge - great battery case for iPhone 6/6s

The extra 2600 mAh battery is built-in to the back of the case, and even with this the case still feel very light you forget that you have a case on your phone!

Now, one drawback from this design is that it means you can’t use the iPhone’s lightning port to connect to any other accessories, like one of those speakers for example.

Speaking about ports and holes, the Thinkcharge has openings for the camera lens and led lights, the mute switch and the headphone jack.

Thincharge - great battery case for iPhone 6/6s

Thincharge - great battery case for iPhone 6/6s

Thincharge - great battery case for iPhone 6/6s

Unfortunately the hole for the mute switch is pretty small that you really need either a very thin finger or a long nail. It has the same issue with the headphone jack port. It should be fine with headphones that have a straight jack, but for the ones that have L jack it’s going to be a struggle.

Lastly the front part of the case is flush to the screen which means you have minimal protection for your iPhone screen.

Smart Charging

Here comes the clever part, the Thinkcharge features a pass-through charging, which means you can charge the iPhone with the case on via the charging socket that it’s neatly hidden under a tiny flap at the top of the case.

When using the pass-through charging, it will cleverly charge first the handset until it’s fully charge and then it will in turn charge the case’s battery. The case knows when it’s fully charged and it will turn off the charging process automatically. Of course you can also charge the case by itself.

Another clever feature is that the Thinkcharge uses the volume up button as a function key. Press the button for 1 second and it will shows how much charge the battery is currently holding. This is indicated by a tiny LED light installed on the cover of the the volume down button. The LED light will flash at different frequencies depending on how full the battery is.

Thincharge - great battery case for iPhone 6/6s

Pressing the up volume button for 3 seconds will start or stop the charging process. A process that will stop by itself when the phone is fully charged.

These simple things are really cool and this is where Thinkcharge really shines and head-shoulder ahead of its competitors.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day it is that extra power that matter the most. Having Thinkcharge at the back of your phone means that you are practically sorted for the whole day without fear of being caught with no juice in the middle of a fight bout with your rival Pokemon Gym! Or when you have to go for a photo walk.

Its smart charging and its clever use of the buttons and LED make Thinkcharge one of the easiest and most user-friendly battery case. These are the killer features of this device.

Thincharge - great battery case for iPhone 6/6s

Admittedly as a phone case, Thinkcharge won’t give you a complete protection, and there are also some small quirks I explained above which might be a deal-breaker for some of you. But it will be fine for most situation.

Thinkcharge battery case comes in 3 different colours: Black, White and Gold for your iPhone 6/6s (not for the Plus version). You can get one for $60 at their official website.

Or you can check out this deal where you can get the case for $39.99 in exchange of you email.


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