One photography technique you can employs to avoid camera shake is to use a remote shutter release with your camera. A standard remote shutter release takes a form of a physical ‘cable’. Recently I’ve reviewed such ‘wired’ shutter release made by Gizmon, which sports a metre-length retractable cord. This is good enough when you don’t plan to go too far away from your camera phone, but as soon as you move pass that 1 metre limit (e.g. to take a group photo) then you are in trouble.

Square Jellyfish eliminates this limitation by doing away with the wire and go for a wireless solution!

Look Ma … no wire!

Yes, with the Square Jellyfish Remote you can go as far as 10 metres from your camera phone to take photos!

Square Jellyfish Remote uses Bluetooth wireless technology to communicate with your smartphone (it works with Apple or Android phones). It needs a bit of setting up, but it’s very easy to do and will only take a minute.

You just need to ‘pair‘ your smartphone with the Remote. Once it’s connected you can use it as your shutter release for any camera app that support it. Don’t worry, the standard camera app will do.

Now that you are not ‘anchored’ to your phone, many things that you couldn’t do or at least was hard to do before suddenly become a non-issue.

No need to use the camera self-timer and run before the camera finish counting to 10.  We’ve been in this situation so many time, I’m sure you know the feeling.  Now you can just take as much time you want and take the shot at your leisure.

Taking Selfies doesn’t involve in trying to stretch your arm as long as you can to get a good mug shot of yourself.  Now you can just prop your camera phone, go as far back as you see it fits and click away!  Perfect Framing!

The Remote will also help a lot when doing Street Photography where being discreet  is a key.  You don’t even need to show your hand, you can click away from your pocket.

And of course as I mentioned earlier, combined with using a tripod, the remote will help you to take sharper picture as it would eliminate camera shakes.

Sounds of Magic

But Wait! Taking photo is not all Square Jellyfish can do!  You can also use it as your Music Remote Control!

Again, you need to ‘pair’ it first and once it is connected, you can control your music from metres away.  The Remote sports Play/Pause, Previous/Next track, and Volume buttons, and they work as you expected.

It’s really cool!


Final Verdict

I’ve been enjoying using Square Jellyfish Remote very much.  It has helped me to get those ‘hard to reach’ shots which I would’ve not been able to get without an aid of a remote.

It’s quite tiny and very light you can carry it everywhere in your pocket, no problem.  And did I mention that it will work with Apple or Android phones?  It’s pretty much a universal remote.

If you are ready to take your Mobile Photography to the next level, I recommend you to get it.

You can get  Square Jellyfish Remote for $29.95.  Please check this page to find which retailer that carries it.

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