Recently I’ve reviewed the new 4-in-1 and Telephoto Olloclip lenses, and in these reviews I mentioned that one of the downside of the new double-barrel design is that positioning the lens so it can sit exactly on top of the iPhone lens has proven a little bit fiddly.

Well, I have now found the solution with the Olloclip companion case for iPhone 6/6 Plus, a.k.a Ollocase. The Ollocase has been designed in such a way that it makes the troubled positioning an easier task to do.

Serve and Protect

The Ollocase for iPhone 6/6 Plus is an excellent iPhone case, so much so that I use it now as my goto case. Unlike Ztylus case which is ‘built like a tank’, the Ollocase is lighter but still protects very well. While the Ztylus case is an all encompassing case, the Ollocase is more akin to bumper cases, but with backing.


The bumper is made of hard plastic with rubbery feel.  This rubbery feature is very important especially for the bigger iPhone 6 plus, as it prevents the phone to easily slip off your hand.

This will also help tremendously for mobile photographers, as it gives a better grip while taking photos.


The front part of the case has raised edges which protect the phone when you put it face down.

The backside of the case is made off a clear hard plastic that will protect the phone from scratches.

The side of the case has holes in all the right places allowing easy access to everything.

And last but not least the case has special groove to help easy positioning of the new Olloclip lenses.

Perfect companion

One of the main reason why you would want to get one of these Ollocases is to get the most out of your Olloclip Lenses. Because with the Ollocase on, attaching the lens and switching between the front and rear lens become a breeze, thanks to the specially designed groove on the case that guides the lens in precise manner.

Now you can concentrate more on what is the most important, i.e. taking photos!


Final Verdict

The Ollocase for iPhone 6/6 Plus is no doubt a perfect companion for Olloclip Lenses owner. It is lightweight, versatile and has a good protection. But the best thing about this case is that it gives the freedom to shoot without worrying about whether the lens is on the right position.

If you don’t already have an Olloclip Lens, the Ollocase might not be the best choice. But if you are a proud owner of an Olloclip Lens, the Ollocase is the perfect companion.

Since having the Ollocase on my iPhone 6 Plus, my productivity with my Olloclip Lens has been greatly increased.  It is very recommended.

You can get the Ollocase via its official website. It costs $29.99/£24.99/€29.99 for either iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, and it is available in 4 different colours: Black, Dark Grey (the one I have here), White and Orange.

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