It was just a few weeks ago that I finished my review of the Glif+ from Studio Neat. In that review, I wrote that this small and neat iPhone kickstand + tripod mount, was an example of simplicity and elegance design and engineering.

A couple weeks later Studio Neat launched the successor. It’s still called the Glif, but it is now going universal!

You can now use it not only for the iPhones but also other Smartphones! How do they do that? Simple, by making the ‘gripadjustable!

While it is not a new concept as far as the adjustable grip goes, this is the first time I see it implemented in this type of a device. Besides the technique employed to enable the adjustment usually involves the use of a type of spring.

Studio Neat solution reminds me of how a ‘wrench‘ works. In fact come to think of it, the new Glif ‘does’ look like a wrench. So, basically, you are provided with a Hex key (also known as Allen key) with which you can screw or unscrew the top part of the Glif to retract or detract the grip. Once you adjust the grip according to the width of your smartphone you are done. The grip should fit any device that has a width between 58.4 – 86.4mm and a thickness between 3.1 – 12.7mm.

The bottom part of the Glif has a 1/4″-20 thread that will fit to any standard tripod or camera mount, just like the original Glif. This bottom part is also where the groove located, again like the original, where you can prop your smartphone.

Along with the Hex key, the Glif also comes with the Ligature (like the Glif+) which is simple keyring loop that you can screw onto the Glif’s tripod thread.

I think Studio Neat has neatly solved one of the biggest problems of this smartphone era, i.e. with all the different sizes of the smartphone in the market, how you can create a product that ‘virtually fit them all‘ but still simple and not cumbersome or too complicated. By the way, another advantage of the Glif universal system is that if you use any case with your phone, now you don’t have to take it off just to fit in yet another gear. I have the original Glif and I do still have to take off my iPhone case if I want to use the Glif.

The new incarnation of the Glif ‘still’ cost $30 which you can get at Studio Neat website.

If you have an iPhone (4/4s/5/5s) you can still get the original Glif, if you want, with the same price.

Check out the video below to see new Glif in real life:


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