One photography technique to avoid camera shake is to use a remote shutter release with your camera. In the SLR world, using a remote shutter has been a standard practice since almost the beginning of time when camera was invented.

The remote shutter release normally takes a form of a physical cable which you screw on the camera. The other end of the cable is a button that acts as the shutter release.


SLR Remote Cable Release

Using a remote shutter release you can take a photo without touching the camera’s own shutter button, thus eliminating the camera shake issue. This is perfect especially when you want to take picture in a low-light condition or for long exposure photography.

Remote Cable Release attached to an SLR

Remote Cable Release attached to an SLR

What about in Mobile Photography? Fortunately most modern smartphone camera support this functionality. In iDevices this support comes in the form of Volume Button trigger. This means that you can use the volume button to take a picture, as opposed to using the normal shutter button on the app.

Consequently you can also use the volume button on your Earphone as an ad-hoc remote shutter! Isn’t that cool?!

But you know what’s even cooler? You can get one of this dedicated mobile remote shutter release from Gizmon!

The Gizmon iCA Remote Shutter is a remote cable release that looks like an old film cartridge! Talking about Retro!

It consists of 2 parts, the Shutter Release and the retractable cord.

It’s very easy use, just plug one of the jack into the ‘film cartridge’ an the other end to the iDevice’s headphone jack and you are ready to shoot.


The part that looks like a film cartridge sports a button which you can press to take the photo, just like the standard remote shutter.

It features a retractable cord for an easy and practical storage. The cord itself is long enough that you can use it to take a selfie with it.

The Gizmon iCA Remote Shutter doesn’t need any battery or any complicated setup to operate, just plug and play! It will work with any Camera App that supports volume button trigger, including the standard iOS Camera App, and most first-tier Camera replacement app.

Gizmon is a Japanese company that creates cool Retro-Look iDevice Accessories, including the Gizmon iCA 5 iPhone Case, and this remote shutter has got the word Retro all over it.

You can buy Gizmon iCA Remote Shutter at your local Amazon. It costs $23 in the US and £22.59 in the UK. It availables in 3 choices of colour: Red, Green and Yellow. For a complete list of shops please visit this page.


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