About 2 weeks ago I won a Twitter sweepstakes ran by @ichicstore  (a UK online store selling mobile/laptop accessories). The prize was an iPhone Hard-Case. The winning couldn’t come in a more perfect timing as I was in a lookout for a new case for my iPhone.

A few days ago the case came through the post. This case was made by Cygnett, and it’s part of its Great Britain – Union Jack series (great timing for the Olympics!). I must say I have my doubt in the quality of this case at first, quality iPhone hard-cases are hard to come by, and ones that ‘qualified’ cost an arm and both legs. But when I open the wrapping of the case and hold it in my hand, the first I notice was how light and thin it was, but surprisingly sturdy and … well … hard 🙂

The actual artwork looks and feels professionally done with a nice raised textured finish giving a tactile feedback when you run your fingers on the surface. Many iPhones cases add a quite noticeable thickness to the iPhone that makes it bulkier as a result. Not in this case, no pun intended, it clips onto the back of my iPhone firmly, a perfect fit, and it only add a mere millimetre to the bulk you won’t feel that it’s even there.

By the way, the case also comes with Screen Protector and Cleaning Cloth, so you have everything you need.

I was so curious at the end I went and looked for it in iChic Store to check how much it costs, and to my surprise it’s actually not very expensive, as a matter of fact it’s half the cost of my previous case.

Thank you very much for iChic for getting me this excellent case, it was indeed taking my Olympics experience to the next level.

Here is the direct link for the case at iChic or there is also one in Amazon if you prefer it there.

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