I must admit, the first time I saw this case, I said to myself, nobody would ever buy this! But as a reviewer I’m always trying to have an open mind and to give the benefit of the doubt. So when the case finally came through the door, I gave it them a thorough Moblivious test, and I began to find some useful cases why this case might give some benefits to some people.

Picture this scenario, you out and about and suddenly your phone rings, it’s from your other half telling you that he/she’s got some number that you need to take down. He/she asks ‘Do you have a pen and paper?‘.

This situation happens all the time to everybody, and in most cases, the answer to that question is … No.

Well, if you had CoraCase with you, the answer would be … Yes.

This is just a particular example, but in reality, there so many cases when it’s either more convenient or quicker if we had a pen and paper in front of us. Granted, there is already the Notes app in our iPhone, but sometimes we just wish we had the analog version.

And here is where CoraCase would be really useful.

Let’s see what it is all about.

Have you got a pen and paper?

In a nutshell, CoraCase is just a normal iPhone case. It’s made from a hard transparent plastic, that clip on to your iPhone. The edge of the case is higher than the iPhone so it will protect the screen when you put it down on its face.

While the material will protect your iPhone pretty well, the hard plastic can be a bit inflexible, making it difficult to take it off.

The back of the case is where all the actions are taking place. First of all, it’s not bare, a combination of PU (Pseudo-Leather) and Microfiber flap is glued on one side. The other side of the flap, where it opens, the edge is being hold shut with magnets.

Inside the flap you will find a small space, enough to carry a few post it memo papers, or a bit of money.


Last but not least, there is also a space where a tiny pen is stored.

It’s a simple but functional design.

As an additional benefit, the flap can also be used to prop your iPhone.

Final Verdict

The inventor of the case said that the idea for the CoraCase came out off his frustration of not being able to find pen and paper during his frequent travelling. Indeed this iPhone case is a perfect case for people who love their iPhone but still prefer to use pen and paper to jot down things.  Obviously if you are happy with taking notes directly on to your iPhone, or if you are happy with your current iPhone case, then this is not for you.

Finally, here is one nice thing, it only costs £8.50, and it comes in 5 colours – Blue, Red, Green, Gold and Pink!  I recommend the Red, the Green or the Pink 🙂  They are actually a good idea for affordable Birthday or Christmas present.

The downside is, as far as I know, you can only get them at Amazon UK.

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