If you have been perusing Craft & Vision eBooks (get 2 of them for free here), you would know that they are creating very cool Photography eBooks.

Today they are releasing a new eBook by David Duchemin.  It’s called The Visual Toolbox – 50 Lessons for Stronger Photographs.  It’s a 201-page long PDF eBook packed with all you need to learn to improve your Photography.

Here is what David said about his creation:

When a friend recently asked me how I would teach photography if I were running a photography school, it sparked a long discussion. And then, because it’s unlikely that I’ll be running a photography school anytime soon, I started playing with an imaginary curriculum for a course that might, if you did one lesson a week, last a whole year. When I finished I had a 40,000 word book called The Visual Toolbox, and we’re releasing that today.

These are the lessons I wish I’d learned when I was starting out, because some of them took way too long by just learning ad hoc. I spent too many years focused on the wrong thing, and in some cases, too many years not focused at all. What I know now is that reading books alone doesn’t make us better photographers, making photographs does that.

The Visual Toolbox is packed with lessons about the tools of the photographic language – the camera, the lens, and the more important stuff like visual language, composition, and learning to see. Most of those lessons are accompanied with real-life, honest-to-God assignments to get you out there learning how to make stronger photographs, not just learning to use a camera.

The Visual Toolbox is a big, gorgeous, PDF eBook, filled from front to back with the stuff I believe will make you more comfortable with the tools of your craft and more fluent with the language of this art. It’ll take you past images that are sharp and well-exposed, to photographs that are alive and say something.

Lessons include topics like isolation, scale, balance and tension, abstraction and expressionism, seeing light, understanding visual mass and energy, using negative space, using your lenses more expressively, exploring the effects of perspective on your image, and so much more. Then it’s your turn and if you’re looking for practical hands-on ideas to really solidify this stuff, those are there too.

And for a limited time you can get it for 15% less. Just use the code TOOLBOX when you check out and pay only $17 (normally $20). Or you can get 20% OFF with the code TOOLBOX20 if you buy 5 or more Craft & Vision Products.

This promotion will expire at 11:59 PM (PST) September 17, 2013.

Here is the Table of Contents from the eBook:


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