How To Change Your Instagram Email Address

Recently I've been visiting this cool site called On this site users can ask any questions which then can be answered by other users. Naturally one of the topic that I immediately went to was on Instagram. After monitoring this topic for a few days I was quite taken aback on how many Instagram [...]

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How to Add Location to your Instagram Photo after you have already posted it

Geotagging is a process of adding 'geographical information metadata', i.e. location data (latitude, longitude, etc.) to a media, in our case to images taken with our mobile phone. Ultimately this will enable software that can read the metadata to identify the location where a particular photo was taken. In an iOS device you can turn [...]

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New Instagram features a very useful Perspective Correction tool

I'm sure everybody has upgraded their Instagram to the latest version already by now. If not, well why haven't you? So, what new features have you found out after starting up your new Instagram? Yes, immediately you would have found that you've got 5 new filters! They are called in turn: Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden [...]

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Brushstroke 2.0 brought more styles and colours to the canvas

  If you haven't got Brushstroke, you should. Not only because for a limited time, you can get it for FREE, but also because this app is your 'ticket' to be a digital 'Picasso'! Well, maybe not up to the calibre of 'Monalisa', but with Brushstroke you really can transform your photo into a beautiful [...]

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Turn your Instagram Pictures into cute little pin Buttons

This is another cool and unique way of creating memories out of your Instagram pictures. It works very well especially if you are crazy about pin buttons :) And they also make a very simple but nice gift. I've reviewed Printstagram before when I wrote about how you can print your Instagram photos and turn [...]

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Turn your Instagram Pictures into Chic Jewellery at Jewelgram

Of all the things in the world on which you can 'show off' your Instagram Photos, Jewellery were the last thing in my mind. But admiring the idea that Jewelgram made come true here, I thought, why not? They are actually quite stylish and I could imagine people, men and women alike, would want to [...]

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How to get rid off Flipagram Logo Watermark for Free

Flipagram has got to be one of the most used Slide Show maker in the iOS world. The latest version has certainly shown its maturity in this somewhat crowded app category. It not only gives the users a tool for creating a video from a string of photos, but also adds a few more advance [...]

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The simplest and quickest way to import iPhone photos/videos to your Windows PC

Many iPhone/PC users (as opposed to iPhone/Mac users) are not sure how to transfer/import/download/save their iPhone photos/videos to the PC. Worst, they think they need something like iTunes to do this supposedly simple thing. Well, it turns out that it is indeed quite simple, as simple as saying 'Plug and Play'. In fact, I like the [...]

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How To Get Camera+ App for Free (Exclusive)

Camera+ is one of the first and the best Camera replacement, Image Editor and Photo Filter I've known.  The new version of Camera+ added the iOS 8 style Manual Camera Control.  This includes control over focus, exposure compensation, shutter speed, ISO and White Balance.  All can be adjusted just be swiping a wheel adjustment. [...]

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How to download and store iPhone Photos from My Photo Stream to your PC or Mac

There is one positive upsides that came from the recent 'incident' of celebrities iCloud account got hacked, that deleting your photos from your Camera Roll doesn't mean that they have disappeared from the internet. There is still a chance (if you turn on this option) that they are still lingering inside My Photo Stream, an iOS [...]

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