Geotagging is a process of adding ‘geographical information metadata‘, i.e. location data (latitude, longitude, etc.) to a media, in our case to images taken with our mobile phone. Ultimately this will enable software that can read the metadata to identify the location where a particular photo was taken.

In an iOS device you can turn on Location Service so that when ever you take picture the Geotag metadata will be added to the photo automatically. You can do this by going to the Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services. In this page you can turn on or off the Location Services in general, or for individual apps.

For picture taking purpose, make sure that Location Service is turned on for every Camera App you use, including Instagram.

In Instagram, if you post a photo that has been geotagged, the app should be able to read the metadata and suggest the location to you when you search for it. It’s not always accurate, but you can type in a name of a place and Instagram will attempt to search it for you.

The issue is that sometimes you forget to set the location when you post a photo, resulting in a blank location field above our posted picture on Instagram.

Fret not! We can fix it!

Fortunately you can add, edit or remove the location info after you post the picture, it’s quite easy to do as well, just follow the following steps:

1. Go to your Instagram Photo or Video (yes it works with video too) to which you want to add location.

2. On the photo page you should see the ‘three-dot icon‘. You can normally find it at the bottom right corner, next to the Like and Comment buttons.

3. Tap on this icon. You should be then presented with a list of menu that you can choose. Tap on the ‘Edit‘ menu.

4. This will take you to the Edit page, where you can edit, among others, the photo caption and the location. If your photo doesn’t have location info, you should see the an ‘Add Location …‘ link at the top left corner, just under your username and next to your avatar. Tap on the link to edit the location.

5. The next page should be familiar to you if you often add location to your Instagram photo when you upload. Just pick a suitable location on the suggested list, or if you can’t see the location you wanted you can always search it. When you find the location tap on it.
6. This will add the location to the photo. You should now see your newly added location shown on the photo.

7. Confirm the change by tapping on the Done button.

8. You can also change or remove the location info by doing similar process. Go to the edit mode and tap the location info.

9. You should see a list of different menu items which say Remove Location and Change Location. Tap on the Remove Location to delete the location info from the photo, or tap on the Change Location to pick other location.

10. And that’s it.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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