Of all the things in the world on which you can ‘show off‘ your Instagram Photos, Jewellery were the last thing in my mind. But admiring the idea that Jewelgram made come true here, I thought, why not? They are actually quite stylish and I could imagine people, men and women alike, would want to wear these.

Designed and created in the deep of Venice – Italy by master goldsmith Michele Marzotto, Jewelgram offers quite a variety of ‘Insta Jewels‘. They range from pendants to rings, and from earrings to cuff-links.

You can also choose the material from which the jewellery is made. You can choose to  print your Instagram pictures on white glossy high quality plastic, bronze, silver or gold! In addition, you can opt to adorn them with some diamonds!

Obviously the type of material will affect how much you will pay for the jewellery (check out this full price list). For example, a simple plastic ring (a Walden Ring) will cost $17.99. A pure Silver Walden Ring will cost more than triple that at $66, while the same ring made of Gold will cost you a cool $1700. And for ultimate posh, something that you might want to get as a gift for the love of your life, a Golden Ring adorned with not just one but five Diamonds, will set you back at an eye-watering $1879! I think this is probably the most expensive Instagram photo you’ve ever had!

As far as jewellery design concern they are in a way quite simple. You can’t do much intricate stuff with a square picture anyway, so in this case Jewelgram has done quite well. I actually quite like the Cuff-links, they look pretty cool! Here is a quote from what they say about their design:

“Shapes of our jewels are essential; classic, clean and minimal geometries that dialogue with light; precious materials as gold and silver or white, bright, smooth and comfortable high quality cellulose acetate; everything blended in to highlight the most important thing: your picture.”

By the way, if you fancy to win a free Silver Ring, you might want to check out their Photo Competition. Every month one winner will be chosen. Why not try your luck! Or just go to the store and treat yourself (or someone else) with one of these.

Diamonds are forever … but your Instagram photos live for Eternity!

PS: You can also get a gift card if you are pressed for time. You can try also this coupon code to get 15% off your order: 15TH15OFF.

Jewelgram - Turn your Instagram photos into Jewellery

They’ve got Keyring too


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