Today Apple iTunes App Store is running a promotion for some of the coolest iOS Photo and Video Apps. For a limited time you can get any of these 14 apps for a half-price.

I owned more than half of these apps and I can tell you they are really worth to get. In fact I have written a review for three of these apps in this blog. You can read each of these reviews here:

Facetune – Pimp your Selfie to give yourself that Celebrity Makeover.
Waterlogue – Turn your photos into beautiful Watercolour Sketches.
Brushstroke – Create beautiful painting from your mobile photos.

Other apps that really worth to mention are:


Mextures started as a series of texture image files created by a guy named Merek Davis. The series are called Mextures. You can import these image files to your photo album and then layer it to your existing photo to create some unique blend of artistic creation. Many mobile photographer downloaded these files and really loved them. It was so popular that Merek seemed to decide to create a dedicated Mextures app.

Mextures app, apart from including all those original textures, also allows you to layer and blend your photos ‘directly‘ within the app itself, so you don’t really need other layering app like Superimpose, Juxtaposer, Juxt-A-Pose or DXP. With Mextures you can layer in as many texture as you want, and you can choose between the 12 Photoshop-style blending mode for each layer. You can then ‘save‘ these combination of layers and blending into what it’s called Formula.

Mextures version 2.0, which was literally released only yesterday, added even more functionalities such as proper editing tools (Exposure, Contrast, Saturation, Fade, etc) and 26 presets that emulate popular film and processing techniques (AKA Filters). It also features a couple of ‘Guest Formula‘ that you can choose from. So, with this latest release Mextures has transform the app into a full-fledge Photo Editing app.

I really recommend this app, especially if you love to do a lot of layering.  You can get it for a half-price today.



From the maker of Tangent and LoryStripes apps came this really cool app. Fragment will add Prismatic Photo Effect to your photo, creating something totally unique, decimation style. Check out the following video to understand what it is capable of. And then get it for a half-price today.

Spark Camera

Spark Camera is a cool video app where you can take and edit video using a simple but intuitive interface. You can record, delete and re-record clips a.l.a Vine, and then apply live filter while the clip is playing just by swiping your finger on the screen.

You can import your own clip from your album and do the same edit. You can even mix and match between clips, trim start end end for each clip and rearrange them into the final clip which then you can share to Twitter, Facebook and of course to Instagram.

Check out this cool video about the app:

Very cool video editing app, and you can get it for a half-price.


PicTapGo seems to gain a lot of fans in mobile photography community, and I think I can understand why: It is one of the simplest photo editor and filter app I’ve known. Though in the case of PicTapGo simple doesn’t seem rubbish, it’s far from it.

You start by choosing the photo you want to edit, and from then on you can choose from a list of editing ‘filter’ (e.g. Auto Contrast, Lights On, Shadows, etc) or apply cool filters. You can keep adding these one on top of each other, layering them. If you don’t like it the Undo button is always a tap away, or the Redo ūüôā Finally, just like Mextures, you can save your final combination as Recipes, ready to re-use again later (I like this feature very much).

Today you can get PicTapGo for a half-price too.

And the Rest …

The rest of the apps on offer are:

Adobe Photoshop Touch¬†– You would think that the most popular desktop imaging application company can create the best mobile editing software. ¬†Well, in this case, it’s not. ¬†I wouldn’t waste my money in this one, but if you are curious feel free to try, after all it’s half price.

Horizon – An app that allows you to record video horizontally (landscape mode) how ever you hold your iPhone.

LetterGlow РAdd Logos, Artworks and Texts to your photo.  Kind of like PicLab HD I reviewed here not so long ago.

Diptic Video – Like the original Diptic, but for video, i.e. to make collage.

Camera Noir РCamera app that captures Black and White photo directly.  Many people like it.  I prefer to capture with ProCamera 7 and edit it later.

Rhonna Designs РSimilar to LetterGlow and PicLab HD, i.e. to add Artworks to your photo.

Halftone 2 РI love this app. This is the best app to go for if you want to create Comic book style edit from your photos.


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