Top 50 Free Mobile Photography Apps for Android and iPhone

Do you ever wonder who takes pictures with cameras anymore? You look around and it seems like people always have their phones out at concerts, in scenic places, or when something newsworthy is happening. You don’t really see regular cameras anymore.

Maybe that’s not so surprising. Cell phones nowadays take great photos. It’s hard to image what it would be like if we weren’t able to take photos on our phone. The moments that we would fail to capture, the memories that disappeared.

In fact, there is a large group of people who grew up with cells phones and don’t know any other way.

Luckily that’s not a problem anymore because phone designers are constantly improving their cameras.

Why Use Photography Apps?

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, photography apps can help improve your photos. You can add filters, edit out redeye, or add some special touches to make it look even better than before.

These types of apps are great because they allow for exploration. This means that beginners can figure things out on their own, while experts get to play with their sense of style and discover new things.

You would be surprised at how one app can change your photo’s style, mood, and looks. There are some that can make your photo actually look like it’s been drawn or painted.

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Top 50 Free Mobile Photography Apps

There are thousands of apps for Androids and iPhones. We went through them all and looked at what the apps offered and reviews of the app. It’s always good to check out reviews because anything can sound good, but doesn’t always deliver.

It would be terrible if you downloaded something that takes space up on your phone, only to find out it doesn’t work at all.

Each of these apps offer their own special features, though many of these apps share the same ones. Of course, there are more than just the top 50 free mobile photography apps we listed here.

  • 1
    Snapseed for Android
  • 2
    PicsArt Photo Studio for iPhone and Android
  • 3
    Cymera for Android
  • 4
    Open Camera for Android
  • 5
    Instagram for both iPhone and Android
  • 6
    Adobe Photoshop Express for iPhone and Android
  • 7
    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for iPhone and Android
  • 8
    VSCO for iPhone and Android
  • 9
    EyeEm for iPhone and Android
  • 10
    Pixlr iPhone and Android
  • 11
    Camera+ for iPhone
  • 12
    Camera FV-5 for Android
  • 13
    Fotor for iPhone and Android
  • 14
    Prisma for Android
  • 15
    Photo Editor Pro- Photo Collage for Andriod
  • 16
    Aviary Photo Editor for iPhone and Android
  • 17
    Lens Distortions for iPhone
  • 18
     Flickr for iPhone and Android
  • 19
    Repix for iPhone and Android
  • 20
    Litely for iPhone and Android
  • 21
    Photo Studio for Android
  • 22
    Heic Converter to JPEG or PNG for iPhone
  • 23
    iMazing HEIC Converter for iPhone
  • 24
    Filterstorm Neue for iPhone
  • 25
    Enlight for iPhone
  • 26
    Metures for iPhone
  • 27
    Sweet Camera- Selfie Filters, Beauty Camera for Android
  • 28
     Google Photos for Android
  • 29
    Factune for Android
  • 30
    Collage Maker for Android
  • 31
     Shutterfly for iPhone and Android
  • 32
    PhotoScape X- Photo Editor for iPhone
  • 33
    Fotor Photo Editor for iPhone
  • 34
    Fujifilm Kiosk Photo Transfer for Android
  • 35
    AirBrush: Easy Photo Editor for Android
  • 36
    Polarr Photo Editor for iPhone
  • 37
    Photo Image Editor Pixelstyle for iPhone
  • 38
    FreePrints- Free Photos Delivered for Android
  • 39
    GoPro for Android
  • 40
    Filters for Photos for iPhone
  • 41
    B612- Beauty & Filter Camera for Android
  • 42
    Keepsafe Photo Vault: Hide Private Photos & Videos for Android
  • 43
    Photo Editor Lite Movavi: Adjust and Enhance for iPhone
  • 44
    watermark PRO for iPhone
  • 45
    Blur Image Background Editor for Android
  • 46
    Night Camera (Photo and Video) for Android
  • 47
     Cartoon Art Pics Photo Editor for Android
  • 48
    Picture Collage Maker Lite for iPhone
  • 49
    Shutterfly Photo Books for iPhone
  • 50
    Pip Camera- Photo Editor Pro for Android

Making Photography a Snap

All these apps are great for enhancing your photos for profile pictures, artwork, blogs, and so much more. If you end up liking photo editing more than you thought you would, maybe think about investing some money into it.

Some apps that start out as free have in app purchases. If you are hesitant to spend money on a photo editing app, maybe look into one that you have. This way it may only be a couple of dollars and it’s an app you are already familiar with.

While these top 50 free mobile photography apps are great, there are some that have more features. They may help with finer details, give more options for filters, and customization options.

But for now, these apps are good for anyone that is either dabbling in photography or is on a budget.

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