If you haven’t heard about Craft & Vision (C&V) yet then you’ve been missing out some great Photography Resources. C&V is an online eBooks store that sells awesome digital publications with topics ranging basic technique, tips and tricks on Photography in general to a specific photo-taking guide on a specific genre (time-lapse, black & white, portrait, etc.), to how-tos on using Photography Softwares like Photoshop and Lightroom. Most of these beautiful ebooks are paid ones, most are reasonably priced, but once in a while they run some discount campaign or offer FREE eBooks.

I’ve told you about the 2 FREE eBooks from Craft & Vision, and today I’m letting you know about 2 other FREE eBooks that they’ve just announced.

The first one is called ‘Ten Ways to Improve Your Craft Without Buying Gear‘. Here what C&V says about the ebook:

TEN was David duChemin’s first eBook and still the most popular by a landslide. The premise is simple: if photographers could cut through the noise and work on their craft without being bombarded with the need to buy more gear, and the newest and shiniest, we’d become better at our craft and create more compelling images. TEN is exactly what it says it is, an exploration of ten techniques and ideas that can improve any photographer’s work.

TEN was written in response to the question, “So where do I go from here, once I’ve learned how to use my camera?” TEN responds to that and gives you ten solid steps to take on your photographic journey, each with accompanying creative exercises, and none of them asking you to buy new gear.


The second one is called ‘Ten More Ways To Improve Your Craft Without Buying Gear‘.  And here is the summary:

TEN MORE picks up where TEN left off. The question it addresses is still the same: how can I improve my photography without spending a pile of cash on big lenses and the latest must-have widget? This is a short course in expanding your photography and can be read either on its own or as a companion to TEN.


I think these eBooks are great resources to learn more about our ‘craft’ and improve our skill.   They are free, so you have no excuse not to get them 🙂


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