As I’ve written many times in this blog, ProCamera 7 is simply one of the best Camera Replacement apps in the App Store right now. It’s every passionate mobile photographers should have. I used it exclusively for my shots, and so do many mobile photographers. With advance camera control, such as split Focus and Exposure lock, White Balance lock, Grids and Tiltmeter; you have a complete control of your shots. The night mode will help you squeeze in just that bit more light into the sensor. It also support TIFF image format which means you absolutely will get every single pixel you can from your iPhone. Last but not least, the full screen trigger is one of the main reason I use the app every day for my street shots.

There was only one final thing that robed this app from the perfect app, it’s the volume trigger function. It’s the function where you can use your volume button as a shutter release. It’s not their fault either that this function is missing from the app. Apple team seemed to be ‘a bit picky’ in decided which app to be given this function to, because some apps had it and others don’t, with no obvious reason.

It’s BACK!

But, fret not, finally the volume trigger is back! This means, no you can use your volume button to shoot, and your earphone as a remote shutter release! This technique of shooting also happens to be a good way of shooting street photography as it allows you to shoot more discreetly 🙂

It means also that you can start using mobile gears that utilising this mechanism, for example: the Olloclip Quick-Flip iPhone case or the Gizmon ICA5 iPhone case.

Before you can use it though, don’t forget to set it on in the app setting.


Photo-Booth Style Self-Timer

While we are in the subject of new features, the new version of the app also added some features for the Self-Timer. Now with the Self-Timer you can set it up to take series of 3 photos in a quick burst, A.L.A Photo booth! Perfect for selfies or group photos 🙂 Check out the new settings:


Share to EyeEm!

Last but not least, you can now share your photo from the app directly to EyeEm, the cool social photo sharing community where you can also sell your photos exclusively on Getty Images.

If you haven’t got ProCamera 7, you can read my full review here and download it at the App Store.

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