The New Instagram’s Photos of You is opening a Floodgate for Spammers

Nivea Promo Shot at Liverpool Street Station

  It’s been one year now since Instagram was acquired by Facebook, and finally Instagram is delivering a new feature that’s very close to a feature that the Mothership has.  This new feature is dubbed the ‘Photos of You‘, and if you are familiar with how photo-tagging works in Facebook, you will feel almost at […]

No Holds Barred! Flickr is giving-away 1000 Gigabytes of Cloud Storage for your Photo for Free!

Flickr One Terabyte

Flickr was one of the first service that offered online storage for photos for free. It used to be everybody’s favourite site. But with the arrival of a myriad of Photo Social Sharing apps, spearheaded by Instagram, Flickr creds began to dwindling down, especially with the younger generations whom only want to share their ‘life’ […]