Instagram New Terms of Service Could Be Just All The Excuse Users Need To Finally Quit

When Instagram got acquired by Facebook 8 months ago many Instagram users and other tech pundits were voicing their concern about how far Instagram could stay true to its original vision, and how much influence that Facebook would force upon its new subsidiary. Of course, we, the loyal users quickly brushed off all doubts, and [...]

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How To Get More Followers On Instagram And Make It A Better Place At The Same Time

Before you brand me as superficial – attention seeker – power hungry narcissist, first I must tell you that this post it’s not about who can get the most followers, NO … that is not what I want you to take away after you finish reading this. This post is first and foremost is an [...]

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How To Edit Or Delete Your Instagram Profile on The Web

Yes, it's true that we can edit our Instagram Profile (Name, Username, Bio, etc) via the mobile app, but sometimes we just have a browser in front of us and want to make a quick edit to our bio. Besides, the Web Profile Editor is the only place where we can reset our password, manage [...]

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Iconic London 2012 – An iPhoneography Exhibition by Instagramers London

There is no question about Instagram domination in the world of Social Photo Sharing.  Despite of many 'negative' opinions voiced by the more established Photography community (read: the old guards with their SLRs), Instagram is almost as ubiquitous as Facebook or Twitter, and if it hasn't it will be very soon.  Many people around the [...]

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