Get This Bamboo Photo Frame From Hatchcraft For Your Valentine’s Gift + Discount Code

Looking for a Valentine's gift for your Loved Ones? Here is an idea, your choice of photograph mounted on a Square Bamboo Frame! It's beautiful, I've seen it myself. This idea was the brain-child of Shane Rich from Boulder (Colorado-USA) who founded Hatchcraft 2 years ago (along with the Instagram's square photo revolution). The frame, [...]

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One Thing You Must Know If You Decide To Stay With Instagram

Everybody got the memo from Instagram regarding the new TOS and Privacy Policy which are taking effect starting today? Did you decide to stay or did you bail out? If you are still in limbo, confused and unsure what to do, well, maybe this post will help make it a little bit clearer of what [...]

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Turn Your Instagram Photos Into A Real Calendar

It's a new year and you need a new calendar, except that there is nothing on the shop that has taken your fancy. Well, if you have been busy posting your mobile pictures into your Instagram, why can't you just use them for your calendar? You can, and it's very easy to do with Calendagram. [...]

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