Everyone needs a phone case, especially if they’re going to be taking their phone on rough expeditions. If you’re going hiking, on a road trip, or have a very tough job, you’d probably need a tough phone case to protect your precious iPhone. After all, these phones don’t come cheap. The downside of the modern smartphone is its propensity to get a shattered screen with a single clumsy drop.

This is when the iPhone X-Ranger Tough Case comes in handy. When you slip your phone into this case, you’ll be at peace about its safety. With the included tool and the credit card slot, this case just might be all the equipment you need when you’re on the go.

The iPhone Olixar X-Ranger Tough Case with Multi-Tool Card comes with a Survival Card, an inbuilt kickstand, and a slot to keep your cards secure. It also comes in a few color options, so you can personalize it to some extent.

Pricing and Rating

The iPhone X-Ranger has an Amazon rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars. The price range is between $20 and $40. While this might be more than some people are willing to pay for a phone case, the tool card and sturdy protection are worth it. Plus, there are some coupons offering discounts online, so you may be able to get the case for an even lower price.

The Rose Gold color option has a somewhat higher price ranging from $15 to $45. But you should keep in mind that this option is not available on many platforms. This is unfortunate, as having this choice will be great for those who prefer even a rugged, tough case to have a feminine touch. The other two options are Marine Blue and Tactical Black, both of which are neutral enough for using anywhere.

The pricing of this phone is also justified when you consider the excellent warranty option. Olixar offers a whole 2-year manufacturer warranty on the case. Many people don’t even use their phones for that long, so this will probably be the last phone case you need to buy for your iPhone X. The long warranty period also speaks volumes about the confidence the company has in the product.

Designed for the Outdoors

One of the best aspects of this tough phone case is that it’s suitable for taking outdoors. Many of us may have cases on their phones, but they’re not always much protection against the elements. Even if you’re not accustomed to going out and enjoying nature a lot, the fact that the case is always ready for any situation is quite heartening. Its rugged design means that it’s pretty good for indoor use as well, even if you handle it roughly.

This case is ready for whatever you can put it through partly due to the bumper pads (which are non-slip), the brushed textured surfaces with a metal effect for a firm grip, and a compartment for the debit cards. Add in the useful kickstand which you can flip out when needed, and this case probably has the most features plus protection you can get on the market.

Included Multi-Tool

The multi-tool that comes with the iPhone X-Ranger Tough case is in the form of a portable, space-saving card. It’s around the size of a regular credit card and equipped with no less than 26 functions. This is a highly useful gadget that will come in handy for campers, hikers, and commuters.

This card is made of stainless steel, so you can bet it won’t rust, bend, or wear away that easily. You can slip it into the slot compartment right inside your phone case so you’ll have easy access to it at all times.

Having a multi-tool around will help in opening bottles, taking measurements, cut or saw a small object, opening letter, and many more tasks. The average person might carry out several of these small chores on a daily basis, so having the multi-tool will also save you a lot of rushing to and fro! The tools here include the following a ruler with both metric and imperial markings, a filer, a screwdriver, a bottle opener, a can opener, a cable peeler, a protractor, a phone stand, a letter opener, a knife blade, and similar other tools.

Of course, one should stay aware of the laws in their area as various regions wouldn’t allow you to carry a concealed weapon or a locked knife. If you reside in these places or are planning to travel there, it might be a better idea to keep the tool at home. Some versions of the tool might replace the knife with a less-sharpened tool, though you’ll have to recheck to be absolutely sure.

The same idea of a concealed weapon applies when you’re traveling, especially in airports. In such cases, it might be a better idea to store a credit card, ID card, or some emergency cash in the slot compartment.

High Protection        

The design of the Olixar X-Ranger tough case is perfect for protecting the Apple iPhone X. It does so by using composite shock-absorbing layers of thermopolyurethane along with reinforced ultra-resistant polycarbonate. These layers take all the impact when you accidentally drop your phone or bump it against something.

A smaller portion from the front of this case is raised just a smidgeon. This provides a tiny space for keeping your phone away from flat surfaces. When you put your phone face down on a desk, table, or counter, the surface might scratch the screen. With the raised lip protection, your screen will probably be safe whether you place your phone facing down or accidentally drop it flat.

Furthermore, the corners of this case are firmly reinforced so that your phone’s corners don’t have to take any punishment. That’s because the corners of a slim smartphone can be the most vulnerable areas on the whole device. We’re usually concerned with protecting the screen, but the corners are where the screen mostly shatters.

Functionality and Usability

With such a rugged phone case, you might be worried that it will prevent you from fully enjoying your iPhone X. This is no doubt a viable concern, as an iPhone X costs quite a bundle. Most people would like the full experience of their expensive phone, including the aesthetic appearance as well as the joy of handling it. While this tough and durable phone case might take away some of that experience, it definitely makes up for it in the protection area.

As for the usability, this case has a special construction for the iPhone X which gives you higher access to the buttons. Now that our phone buttons are mostly on the sides of the device, the cases only have to leave space for them. The cover is fully functional with generous spaces for the buttons and charging ports, so there shouldn’t be any worries on that count.

The Back Compartment

As we’ve mentioned multiple times before, the case also comes with a handy compartment. You can use this either to store the multi-tool or several cards. We don’t really recommend storing both at the same time. Even if there’s enough space (which is unlikely), the sharp edge of the tool might damage an important area of your cards.

The inclusion of this compartment means that you might be able to live a more minimalistic lifestyle than before. All you have to do is stash your cards in your case, so there’s no need for a wallet. Whenever you need access to your tools or cards, all you have to do is lift up the kickstand.

The Kickstand

Speaking of this feature, the kickstand for this case is an inbuilt aspect. It folds in the flat when you don’t need it, and conveniently folds out when you want to view something but don’t want to hold the phone while doing it. This makes the phone a convenient mini-TV for viewing your videos, showing someone your vacation photos, or following a recipe in the kitchen. The kickstand works in both landscape and portrait modes. Plus, it’s stable enough for use on almost any flat surface.

Complementing the Phone

This X-Ranger Olixar case might be on the rugged side, but its designing is actually slim and somewhat sleek. If you’re all right with carrying around a slightly thicker device that’s completely protected, we’d say that this is definitely the case for you. With the brushed metal effect on the surfaces, you’re unlikely to lose your grip on the phone in the first place. The clean lines and angular detailing ensure that the Olixar X-Ranger wouldn’t take up more space than is absolutely necessary.

The Downsides

As with everything else on the market, there are certain downsides to getting this case for your iPhone X. However, most of these depend on your personal preferences and whether the lacking is bothersome for you or not.

For instance, the multi-tool makes a clanking sound inside the compartment. This might be irritating to some, especially if you have to commute on a rocking train every morning and evening. If you use any wireless chargers, you have to take out the multi-tool first. Finally, we do see some complaints about the compartment flap breaking a few months after users have used this phone case. However, since this is a minor issue, the manufacturer warranty should be able to cover it.

What We Think about iPhone Olixar X-Range Tough Case

The downsides notwithstanding, this Olixar X-Ranger case is the one that every iPhone X owner should try out. It’s slim, feels good in the hands, and provides a handy tool in addition to all that protection. Many users have praised this tool even more than the case itself, keeping it for use even when they switched cases.

All in all, we’d definitely say that every phone needs a tough case of sorts. Having this one for the iPhone X surely makes a lot of sense, so it might be wise to lock yours down right away! But if you’re one of those who is also concerned about the longevity of iPhone cases, it’s a wise decision to ask the company about the details it covers in their warranty policies.

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