In this world of overwhelming number of mobile photo apps, you need to have either an original idea or a unique feature to offer to your potential users.  This original and unique offering could be something like creating watercolour sketches or painting; or adding SLR style bokeh effect; or giving your Selfie a celebrity make-over; or ability to sell your photos in a marketplace; or providing simple but powerful editing tools; or be one of the best camera app in the market.

Fragment is definitely one of those apps which gives you both original and unique propositions that inspires your creativity beyond limitation.


The sky is the limit

Using Fragment app you can add a myriad of geometrically shaped prism-like glass pieces (or fragments) to your photos.


Starting with a photo of your choosing, you can choose from a selection of prism pieces to add to the photo.

From here you can then go absolutely crazy with your creativity.

You can zoom, rotate, resize, change, move around the position of both the image and the fragment itself.

The main 4 editing tools, represented by 4 icons at the bar below the image, can be used (from left to right) to change the position, change the angle, control the size, and the last one is to go random.

Change Fragment Position

Change Fragment Angle

 Change Fragment Size


Change Photo Position

Let’s choose a different Fragment, and this time instead of edit the Fragment, we will edit the background Image itself.

Change Photo Angle

 Change Photo Size

Change everything else

Still not content with the changes you’ve done so far?  Fret not, because you can also do some more basic editing like adding colours and adjusting levels, desaturate, blend, blur and invert.

You can access these additional editing tools by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.  You can then select the tool you want to affect the photo and then you use the slider underneath it to change the value.

There is also an additional slider with a rainbow of colour boxes on them.  You can use this to practically change the colour of the photo.

Or just Spin It!

Alternatively, at times when you feel uninspired, there is always the Shuffle mode, which will do random stuff.  You can keep hitting shuffle until you find one combination that seems to ‘inspire’ you.

The sky is the limit!


Share or Re-spin

When you are satisfied with your creation, as usual, you can save it to your album, Share it or Refragment it!

Final Verdict

I must admit that Digital Imaging Art (this is what I would call this type of image editing genre) is not something I do normally.  But I know many DI Artist can produce some amazing things, sometimes beyond imaginable.  And I believe that Fragment could be a great creative tool for this purpose, just check out these beautiful arts created with Fragment at Instagram.

Pixite team, whom also created Tangent and LoryStripes, has done a great job here.  They seem to be very passionate in creating this type of image creation apps, judging from what they have created so far.

For adding unique out-of-this-world elements to your photo, not many other apps can best Fragment.

You can get Fragment at the App Store for £1.49/$1.99/Euro 1.79

Check out also this video giving you an overview of what Fragment can do.

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