VSCOCam, one of my favourite Photo App has made available for a limited time, a new Preset Pack for FREE. The Preset is part of the Analog/Aesthetic Pack. There are 3 Presets to choose; A4, A5 and A6.

Here is what they say about it:

With natural tones, subtle color shifts and slight fading, Analog / Aesthetic is inspired by classic analog film. Well-suited for interiors, portraits and food photography, this A Series pack is perfect for those desiring an understated look to complement their images.

Check out more photo samples here.

To get them just open your VSCOCam and go to the Store and find the relevant link. Now, if the store doesn’t open the first time and if it gives you a message, something like ‘Error Loading Store’, don’t fret. Just try again, it took me the third tries to open it. I’m not sure what this is happening, it could be because their server has been under a heavy load. Being famous does have its downside sometimes.

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